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Language Learning Available

  • Let us study Chinese together
    I am a mandarin tutor. I have:
    ●More than 4 years experiences in teaching mandarin.
    ●Patient, humorous, confident.
    ●I offer Practical Chinese Courses ,Advanced Chinese Courses and Business Chinese courses for expatriates who are seeking a high quality, efficient and effective learning experience.
    ●I provide a personalized service for every student so that they can accomplish their own learning objective.
    Contact me at email:
    2017/11/20 10:56:35
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  • Professional Mandarin Teacher with Reasonable Rates
    I teach mandarin since several years to foreigners, I can help you to learn or improve this language.
    If you are totally beginner maybe you want to learn easy sentences to live in shanghai.
    If you’re Mandarin is good, maybe you want to learn more difficult sentences.
    If you have a job in shanghai, maybe you want to learn Business Chinese and Chinese culture.
    We can offer you different lessons to improve your understanding of Chinese language and culture.I will evaluate you during the first lesson and provide you the more suitable teaching program in function of your level.
    2017/11/16 14:01:46
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  • Your best private Mandarin teacher
    Are you looking for a Chinese mandarin teacher? I can be your best choice! --Native Chinese, Majored in Chinese, and Certificated --Speak standard Mandarin and fluent English. Rich experience in one to one tutoring, from primary to advanced levels. You will have a big surprise to learn from me, and not very soon you will be amazed at your great progress in Mandarin.
    Please contact
    2017/11/15 16:48:21
  • Main image of the classified: Your best private Mandarin teacher
  • Mandarin teacher ready to teach you Chinese!
    From beginner
    Taught by a professional native Chinese speaker
    At a coffee shop, your office, anywhere convenient
    **Instructor can speak English
    Private lessons Communication
    Brush up on your Chinese Preparation for HSK
    Let’s learn Chinese in Shanghai!!
    2017/11/15 09:09:12
  • Main image of the classified: Mandarin teacher ready to teach you Chinese!
  • Help you learning Mandarin
    With an experienced teacher, you will find that there are a lot of good ways for foreigners to learn mandarin. I have been certified to teaching mandarin over 3 year in Shanghai, thanks to my experience I know lot of good means to help you learning Mandarin.I’m open minded and patient.I offer you Business Mandarin lessons, HSK preparation and Oral Mandarin practice.
    Please feel free to contact me to the following
    2017/11/14 11:51:38
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  • Independent Mandarin Tutor Available
    I am an INDEPENDENT experienced mandarin tutor who has been teaching Chinese for years. I offer private Mandarin tutoring courses for individuals and also corporate groups. I am available to help you learn this language, brush up on your current knowledge.

    My objective is to accelerate your Mandarin skill naturally in a comfortable environment like a cafe or other such relaxed settings. The only thing you need to bring is the personal will to succeed. I would be happy to teach any levels or ages and the method of teaching is basically tailor-made for students’ own particular needs in a practical way.
    Please email me at
    2017/11/13 17:36:40
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  • Personal Mandarin teacher Available
    I am an experienced, credentialed teacher and available for tutoring your Chinese mandarin. My professional teaching qualifications range from beginner to advance. I am enthusiastic, easy to relate to, and I have a great rapport with my students. I create a positive learning environment and motivate students that have struggles with their learning. I am able to differentiate instruction to each student, as necessary, for each individual learning style. I am good at what I do and feel strongly that our experience will be a successful one.
    I specialize in the following areas:
    -business Chinese
    I am available for group sessions
    Availability is flexible and weekends are okay as well
    Rates are reasonable.
    I look forward to getting your reply.
    2017/11/13 16:25:27
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Language Learning Wanted

  • Group/Corporate Private Mandarin Chinese Lessons (Invoice Available) in mandarinmorning


    Mandarinmorning in Shanghai and Mandarinmorning have been teaching Chinese to foreign people for ten years. Mandarinmorning have given clesses that include conversational and business Chinese lessons and offered essistance to students preparing for the HSK and BCT. Mandarinmorning have experience teaching beginners all the way to advance level students with various requests concerning their speaking, writing skills, and reading comprehension. Mandarinmorning am a very flexible teacher and even though Mandarinmorning provide material for the cless, Mandarinmorning am always open to any suggestions my students might have in order for the cless to be more helpful for them.

    2017/10/27 13:48:57
  • Main image of the classified: Group/Corporate Private Mandarin Chinese Lessons (Invoice Available) in mandarinmorning
  • MandarinMorning General Chinese Course

    General Chinese Course is designed for foreigners who come to china to work and live. Five levels altogether. After finishing the courses learners will be supposed to be able to daily communication in Chinese for work and life.
    More importantly, they will have laid the foundation to continuing their study and preparing to take the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK). The contents of the book we choose for General Chinese Course involve almost all areas of daily life in China including common business expressions, social conversations and daily dialogues.
    All the basic words, sentences and grammar points will appear repeatedly in contents. Therefore, learners can make progress in a short time. General Chinese Course is the most effective program and We will ues systematic teaching tactic to teach.
    Tel:  0086-021-52287809
    2017/10/25 14:23:42
  • Main image of the classified: MandarinMorning General Chinese Course
  • Mandarin Morning Business Chinese Course

    Business Chinese course is designed for necessary Chinese expression for daily commercial communication and skills. The items are organized in a conversation on communicative function against a commercial Chinese background.
    You will learn some topice about ecomomic and commercial transaction between China and a foreign viewed as cross-cultural activities. The topic including: commercial Chinese expression, polite social occasion of reception, greeting, introduction, apology and congratulating. shopping, traveling, bus riding, schedule arrangement, visiting , telephoning and appointment making. getting or giving a quotation, comment or statement appropriate expressions in consulting , giving a brief account of a company or product., negotiating, bargaining, writing or revising a plan, discussing a way to cooperate,company organization, formal meetings, schedule arrangement, advertising, complaint, recruitment, training employees, visiting a factory, cultural similarities and differences, delivery and payment, package insurance, at a trade fair, sign a contract, farewell dinner, etc.
    Tel:  0086-021-52287809
    2017/10/25 10:49:45
  • Main image of the classified: Mandarin Morning Business Chinese Course
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