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A Bird’s-eye Take on Hangzhou:
By Lois Hill

How a simple pet project lead to a path of discovery for Dominik Derflinger

In August this year, a video named Thank You Hangzhou was posted on Youku. Since then, it has been viewed over 100,000 times and has impressed many with its stunning images of Hangzhou.

Dominik Derflinger, the maker of the video, spent around four months making it. Still in a full-time job at that time, he would grasp any spare moment he could, be it in the early hours of the morning or late after work in the evening. Armed with a drone he bought online and some camera equipment, he scoured Hangzhou in search of the places that could help him bring his video to life. I met up with Dominik to ask him more about his video making process.


Did you make the video by yourself?

Yeah, I had no help from anyone else. This was my first video attempt, but I’ve been doing photography for a little bit longer. I had to teach myself how to fly the drone and then how to film so it looks good for the video. Then I also had to learn how to edit. The drone is relatively easy to fly; it uses GPS and is quite stable.


So making films is something you are quite new to?

Basically when I came back from India in around March or April, I saw a video by chance. There was some kind of big awards ceremony for drone movies and I saw the winning video. It was from an English filmmaker, Philip Bloom, and I thought it was amazing. The moment I saw this video I was like, “Wow! I want to do the same.” I did some research, and I actually found that drones are getting more popular. The cameras are getting smaller too. They’re relatively affordable and easy to use. You don’t need the big heavy cameras like two or three years ago.


How long have you been doing photography?

Last year around January/February someone was selling a secondhand camera, so I just bought it to try – if I didn’t like it, I could just sell it. But I loved it! I did some research and bought a better camera, and I went from not very good to pretty good. A lot of purchases since then followed, so it became a really big hobby. I always liked taking photos when travelling, but with better ten aroundfalse" Name="Colortry – if I didn&necbg  

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