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Don't Miss Sherpa's 19th Birthday Discounts, Freebies & More ()
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Where does the time fly?
It's hard to believe that special time of the year has come around once again.
It's Sherpa's birthday!

That's right. Sherpa's is turning 19 years old.

It's been a wild ride from their early days...

Glad they didn't stick with this prototype logo, eh?

Such fashion. 

Seriously, just look at those computers. Also, smart phones and WeChat haven't been invented yet. Ancient! now delivering thousands of meals a day across Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, and, our latest addition, Hangzhou!

If it weren't for you, they wouldn't be here today. That's why they're giving you presents to celebrate their birthday!

Starting October 19th, current Sherpa's users will find a special hongbao in the 'coupon' section of their user profiles! You'll each receive ¥380 worth of coupons! 

New users won't be left behind either. They can scan a special QR Code on posters and ads to unlock these killer coupons. 

They're also giving away sweet Sherpa's 19th anniversary mugs in random orders. Your co-workers will be so jealous if they see you sipping on your morning cup of java or silver needle green tea.

To cap the festivities off, they're hosting a Sherpa's party on November 5 & 6th in Shanghai and Beijing with food, drinks, and plenty of fun.
Are you ready? It's gonna be awesome. 

If you're a current Sherpa’s user and don't receive the hongbao mentioned above, please email your account information to:



2018-10-19 2018-11-30

09:30:00 - 21:30:00

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