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Midtown Brewery and their Culinary teams are working together to push people’s expectations what beer can be. The two departments will be coming up with some creative ideas to improve your beer experience by pairing Midtown’s already amazing craft beer with certain food and deserts to compliment one each other. One of their goal is to use craft beer to change how people feel about beer. By offering food pairing this will encourage customers to try new flavours of beer. Craft beer is becoming more fashionable.

Eric the inspired brew master and his brew team just brewed two new delicious craft beers. The original Pengbu Porter won two gold medals at the 2018 International Beer Cup, one gold medal for the Overall Dark Ale Category and the gold medal for robust Porter. Believe it or not, Eric and the Midtown Brew staff made an already gold medal beer into something more flavourful and more robust.

Here is an early Christmas present for the beer lovers, Eric has put the Pengbu Porter on Midtown’s Nitro Tap. Say hello to the Celebration edition. Go to the Shangri-La and find the Midtown Brewery and then treat yourself to the Pengbu Porter Nitro Beer (68RMB) (5.4%). By making it a nitro beer, everything that made this beer delicious is enhanced. Let your smell senses embrace the roasted aroma, from the smoky, chocolate, and coffee notes. The Pengbu Porter texture is pure greatness, because of its silky-smooth. The creamy mouthful makes you think you are drinking a milkshake. The drink profile is consistent since it is a full-bodied beer. You will find a well-balanced taste with every sip. Since winter is here, this is a top choice for a winter beer. Also goes well with rich meat meals.

Nitro gas beers expands the beer experience, changes people’s perception what beer can be beer. With Nitro you are changing the texture, this gives it a twist on beer. For those who are unaware about nitro beer, here is a quick run down. You will find in most beer and pop drinks they use CO2 to make the drinks carbonated. Beers combined with nitrogen create a smoother mouthfeel texture. Usually when you order a Nitro Beer, you need to let it sit for 90 seconds, which isn’t so bad because you can watch the beer cascade. The air bubbles are falling instead of rising. When you order the Pengbu Porter Nitro the head foam looks like a big fat marshmallow sitting on top of the beer. This is because the nitrogen responds as it dissolves. At Midtown Brewery, they use an 80/20% blend of nitrogen and CO2 gas to carbonate their “Nitro beers”. The nitrogen carbonation makes the beer taste smoother and fuller, giving the beer almost a milkshake like texture rather than the fizzy mouthfeel you would normally feel with carbonated drinks.   

Afternoon Wheat 4.9%
The brew master doesn’t eat cake and isn’t a big fan of afternoon tea. The Pastry Chef doesn’t drink beer and he doesn’t go to bars. Will these two ever get by their differences? Introducing Midtown’s Afternoon Wheat Ale (69RMB) (4.9%). A collaboration between the brewing and pastry teams are in the works. The inspiration for the Afternoon Wheat Ale came from famous Pastry Chef Pierre Hermes’s “isaphan” flavour profile, this beer has notes of raspberry, lychee, and rose. This fruit infusion prepared by Midtown’s Pastry Team lead by their new Pastry Chef Laurent. While drinking the Afternoon Wheat Ale you can’t taste the alcohol at all. Which makes it perfect for a cheeky afternoon beer, instead of afternoon tea. It has a desert flavour profile and soft touch of citrus like flavour. Eric keeps his beer will balanced making the Afternoon Wheat Ale a session able beer. This beer taste good because the fruitiness isn’t overly powering. It is easy drinking. The flavour is exciting and has a light pink hue. Try pairing it with their very own beer pairing creation (offered at set times). Join Midtown for an Afternoon Wheat, exclusively available at Midtown Brewery while supply lasts.

Can’t make it for an afternoon beer, don’t worry go at night and see Midtown’s a new pop cover band from England. They cover all your top 40 billboard hits. The band really focuses on celebrating the room and keeping everyone moving. At 8:00 p.m. they start their first chilled out set, then around 8:45 p.m. the party really starts to get going. Catch the band from 8:00 p.m. to 11:45 p.m.

For the Christmas holidays selected beverages will be buy one get two. This is currently going on now until December 31st, 2018. On Christmas Eve December 24th, from 5:30 p.m. to 21:00 p.m. you can enjoy their Semi Buffet Dinner. One person is 448RMB and for two people it is 888RMB. If you add 1RMB you will be invited to their Christmas Eve Party, which is later that night. the Christmas Eve Party which will be starting at 20:30 p.m.- 1:00 am. You can buy a ticket for 208 person which includes three glasses of selected beverages and one combo fruit platter.

Midtown is located right beside the Kerry Center, in the Shangri-La on the first floor. There is parking in the Kerry Center, it is connected to the Line 1 of the metro at the Fengqi Lu subway station, go out exit C. It is a short walk from the norther west part of the lake as well.

Midtown Brewery

1/F, Midtown Shangri-La, 6 Changshou Road

0571 8159 0433

2018-12-01 2019-01-31

15:00:00 - 20:00:00

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