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Gatto Matto Pizza & Kebab Comes with New Promotions ()
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Gatto Matto started as a narrow carveout on Huanggushanheng Road with a limited but filling menu focused on pizza; since they took over the place next door and knocked down the wall between, their menu has expanded and improved exponentially with more pizzas, pastas, and a massive Middle Eastern and kebab selection!

I went there with some friends on Thursday to sample the new and classic offerings. Manrique, Gatto Matto’s gregarious boss and founder, met us with his standard aplomb and made us feel right at home.

We started with beers—Gatto Matto’s 6-9PM happy hour prices their drafts down to 10RMB/glass!—and a Meat Lover’s Pizza (75RMB medium, 125RMB large) (salami, ham, and sausage are standard; I requested bacon be added as well). In retrospect this was a mistake because I didn’t know how much food Manrique would be putting in front of us—the pizza itself was huge, and America’s Rules for pizza is to honor it by consuming every part. A welcome surprise relative to many pizza places in Hangzhou, Gatto Matto doesn’t skimp on the tomato sauce. Manrique’s standards and his Italian pizzaiolo Valerio keep their pizzas a cut above the rest.

We had some coffees before moving on to the Shawarma Salad (38RMB) was a real standout for me. The only way I can justify punishing my body and stuffing myself to write these articles for you is by eating pretty much nothing but salad on the regular and let me tell you this thing is great! Tender chicken and greens with a seasoned toss of dressing and a garlic aioli on the side.

We later had some French Fries (20RMB) and some Fried Shrimp (25RMB) served with the same aioli; initially I assumed it was just mayo and was pleasantly surprised to find otherwise! All the same, I only grazed on the fried stuff because I knew what was coming next.

Gatto Matto’s Chicken Parmigiana (58RMB) is massive treat and I almost wasn’t ready for it. Drenched in tomato sauce and cheese, it’s a deeply filling undertaking that comes just in time for the fall and winter months when a food coma becomes an attractive way to finish off a lazy gray Sunday afternoon. This wasn’t what finished me though.

Finally, the pastas. We started with Pesto Pasta (32RMB), a penne dish that pops with color; bright cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, and feta over pesto’d pasta. It’s a carb-ey dish but still tastes and feels light, a sharp contrast with what followed.

The Lasagna (48RMB). Lasagna is one of the best foods of fall, a season in which mammals pack on as much body fat as possible in anticipation of sleeping months at a time or putting on bulky sweaters and jumpers. Lasagna is perfect for both humans and bears—the good kind, not the horrible panda—as it’s a kind of nutritional atomic bomb that contains a trillion calories and 400% of the carbohydrates you’ll need for the day. Sound great? Yes it does!

Have you ever dropped a really large rock into water from a good ways up, like off a dock? You know that satisfying KER-PUH-LUNK sound it makes as it hits the water? That’s the satisfaction and feeling that lasagna gives you as it plows into your stomach. It’s maybe best to get this delivered so you can collapse on your sofa at home when you finish it rather than being immobilized in a Gatto Matto booth all afternoon. If you really need to relax though, they’re offering 2-for-1 shishas to students.

Gatto Matto Pizza & Bar

Booth 104, Huaxing Chuanye Mansion, Huanggushanheng Road
黄姑山横路华星创业大厦104店 (靠近学院路)

0571 8733 2082

2018-10-17 2018-11-17

11:00:00 - 23:00:00

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