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Ginalina's English Winter Camp 来自加拿大的Ginalina英语启蒙音乐冬令营 ()
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T I M E  
10:30am, Saturday, January 18th
7:30pm, Sunday, January 19th
7:30pm, Wednesday, January 22nd

V E N U E 
Arts Center in Westbrook
21 Zijingang Road

T I C K E T S 

Winter holiday is coming
Do you have anything planned for you or your children?
Maybe visit the museum
Maybe spend time in nature
Go to the theater?

We hope our children will grow up in an innocent way
But they were born in an age where

Concrete grows wild in cities
Buildings are getting taller
The field is getting farther and farther
Network communication is increasingly developed
The world is getting smaller

Children's world is no longer full of nursery songs and fun
The burden of homework fills up every free minute they have
We still want to see the pure light in our children's eyes
And share those small and cute thoughts in your heart

So we prepared this winter camp

We layout a nature for the children
Together, we listen, observe, explore, hum, dance

Assemble the World in Your Heart

Ginalina hailing from Canada, she provides artistic enlightenment through English, music, creation, games, creative inspiration, etc. Take the children to open up the dimension of thinking and broaden the international perspective. Return to nature and look at the world with a new look.

Who is Ginalina?

Ginalina is a two-time JUNO nominated, and three-time CFMA nominated Western Canadian Artist of the Year.  Winsome, warm, and upbeat, Ginalina's passion is using music to create memorable and meaningful connections with the community. Her songs invite the audience to dance, sing, and play along, and are rooted in courage, kindness, and the power of presence. She sings in English/French/Mandarin. 

A former engineer, she now gets kids dancing, singing and feeling GREAT at international children’s festivals, music and art concerts, schools, and more! She is popular for her creative songs, catchy lyrics, and contagious energy! Come play, laugh and enjoy her fun and educational music on: NATURE, HEALTH, and FAMILY!

加拿大歌手Ginalina是一位能讲三国语言的北美年度最佳儿童艺术家,同时也是NBC环球儿童频道NBC Global Kids Net和加拿大儿童知识频道Knowledge Kid Channel最受欢迎的电视人物,提名2016、2019和2020年度加拿大JUNO奖,获得2017年西海岸最佳儿童艺术家,提名2019年西海岸最佳儿童艺术家,提名2015和2017年度加拿大民族音乐奖,是2013、2015、2017年年度家长选择奖,她的专辑于2015和2017年获得加拿大儿童图书中心的推荐。作为一名教师,她现在在国际儿童节、音乐会等平台上教孩子们跳舞、唱歌。她因创造性的歌曲、朗朗上口的歌词和个人魅力而广受欢迎!

A Close Friend Who is Close to Nature

We hope our childhood is full of picturesque landscapes, the ear-winding zephyr, the delicate and light flowers, and the green grassland...

Bathing in the warm morning light, and indulge in the evening sunset...

"Ginalina writes music for families that easily transcends that label.  Her focus on tight instrumentation, beautiful melodies, and positive messages lead to a total musical package."
- GoodStuff Podcast

Backed by a band or performing solo, her music is rootsy, upbeat and — perhaps most important for parents — won’t drive you over the bend with repeated listenings."
-  Vancouver Sun

"An absolute treat ... such a meaningful part of our festival!"
- Executive Director, Dawson City Music Festival

"Ginalina is our favourite anthem-maker!  Her fun and meaningful songs inspire every child to dream, and every adult to be a champion that kids need."
- Creator/Director, Starlingskids Children's Festival

"Loved by children, and appreciated by adults."
- Prince George Citizen

Hangzhou Xixi Heaven Art Center

21 Zijingang Road

2020-01-18 2020-01-20

10:00:00 - 20:30:00


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