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Hangzhou IPA @ Midtown Berwery (杭州IPA)
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Eric and the Midtown Brew staff continue to put their undying commitment to bring a craft beer lifestyle. They are dedicated to building a craft beer culture. Just recently Eric and his brew staff at Midtown entered in the International Beer Cup (IBC) in Japan and took home three medals, which we will get to later. The IBC is working hard to raise the awareness about different qualities of craft beer, and their unique flavours.  By having 60 judges from 20 countries handing awarding medals. With over 700 contestants from 25 countries, brew masters are taking this seriously. 

Eric knows a keg or two about brewing beer while growing up in Oregon. Eric always wants to come up with an authentic beer and uses Oregon to draw inspiration from. That means the craft beer at Midtown can be will always be crisp, well balance, and have a bold flavour for enjoyable drinking sessions. For the experienced beer drinkers, they will instantly appreciate Midtown’s craftmanship, and for the new beer drinkers, they can step into the craft beer world and discover what this craft beer world holds for their palate.

The way Eric talks about beer makes you realize how much of a science the entire process is. I feel like I am back in grade ten science class with Mr. Pemperton taking notes. The most important part to brewing is the process and sanitation. To the Midtown brew team, beer is fun to make but everyone needs to be serious, because it is a food product and many people consume it. 

Midtown’s happy hour starts at 3pm and finishes at 8pm. Beer lovers can buy one of the seasonal beers and then get a second at no cost. For the rest of their core beers, beer enthusiasts can get beers for 38RMB instead of the 58RMB. Midtown has eight taps of craft beer, two of which are seasonal and six core beers.

Watching an empty pint glass being filled with craft beer is like glazing at a waterfall, and then knowing it will be consumed in a short period of time just adds to the experience. So, does drinking the beer. One thing Eric taught was, first look at the colour, secondly give it a smell, then taste it, and finally experience the drink profile. This is how you will truly start to appreciate craft beer.

Eric being from Oregon where IPA is very popular, and Hangzhou being his new home, he decided to mix these two inspirations together to create one of the seasonal beers known as the Hangzhou IPA (6.2ABV) (58RMB). It is brewed with Hangzhou’s very own Osmanthus flower. If you don’t know what the flower smells like, just step outside, and that’s it. The beer has a nice light bronze colour to it. You will find some stone fruit notes, especially apricot peach. This is from the blended hops. At first, you may notice sweet floral notes, followed by a light pinch of bitter.  This beer is their fastest selling beer. Eric times this seasonal beer at the same time Osmanthus start to sprout. If it is sold out soon, don’t worry, they will brew a new batch with fresh Osmanthus. This beer won a Bronze Medal last year at the IBC.

The IBC has a category for Irish Red Ales and the next beverage that will be mentioned just won bronze in that category. The Midtown Red Ale (5.5ABV) (58RMB) has a pleasant ruby colour. The special malt gives it a nutty aroma. After a few sips, I found a little surprise with the flavour. I noticed a small touch of chocolate and caramel, just as if there were a couple of drops of dark beer in it. Overall you can notice a rich body of beer. Try pairing it with the goose liver.

Saving the best for last. The Pengbu Porter (5.2ABV) (58RMB) did not just win one gold medal, but two medals at the IBC. It won Gold for Porter and over all category champion in the Dark Ale Style Category. The aromatics were very similar to mocha, coffee, and chocolate. The balance of complexity gives it a full body texture. With such a rich taste it can go with rich meats and believe it or not even rich desserts. 

Midtown is located right beside the Kerry Center, in the Shangri-La on the first floor. There is parking in the Kerry Center, it is connected to the Line 1 of the metro at the Fengqi Road subway station, go out exit C. It is a short walk from the norther west part of the lake as well.

Midtown Brewery

1/F, Midtown Shangri-La, 6 Changshou Road

0571 8159 0433

2018-10-01 2018-10-31

15:00:00 - 20:00:00

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