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Nothing heat up your stomach in winter like hot pot. Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake WL Bistro serves up a series of nutritious hot pot dishes for the winter season. From fresh seafood to perfectly marbled beef to the juicy and tender Qingyuan chicken—just drop the food in the simmering soup and eat it with our homemade dipping sauce, and let it satisfy your palate and warm your soul.

Assorted Seafood Hot Pot: CNY 888*
Australian Beef Hot Pot: CNY 788*
Guangzhou Qingyuan Chicken Hot Pot: CNY 588*
* All prices are in CNY and subjected to 15% service charge (applicable taxes included) 

Four Seasons WL Bistro

Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake, 5 Lingyin Road

0571 8113 5128

Every 2017-12-21 2018-07-01

12:00:00 - 00:00:00

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