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Scotch Eggs and Many More (苏格兰蛋和更多新菜)
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That's our favorite venue last month, and our review has brought lots people into Jason's secret place. The dishes that have been ordered the most are Green Pepper Ribeye, Prawn Cocktail, and the English dishes like Cod Fish Steak with mashed peas, Beef Wellington and Fish and Chips.

When the new year starts, Jason has added on a few more his favorite dishes on the menu, the Scotch Eggs (58RMB) is the first one we are going to recommend. It's hard-boiled eggs wrapped in a mixture of sausage and bread crumbs, and fried or baked until golden brown. The yolk is orange, and outside is crunchy. They are notorious for deep frying Mars bars, and these are just as good baked and a great deal less greasy.

Jason mixes Chinese mussels and imported ones to make a Mussels Feast (88RMB). The soup is made from a proper fish stock, which has been cooked for a whole day with salmon head and bones.

The Spicy Spaghetti Bolognese (68RMB) is another mixed Mexican and Italian dish that Jason came up with, and it's kind of in between bolognese and chili con carne, but he uses bolognese to mix with fine chopped jalapeño. It's  definatly the dish for spice lovers!

The Seared Salmon Filet (168RMB) is a big piece of pan fried salmon with herbs served with a big portion of mashed potatoes. The Roasted Lamb Leg (408RMB) is a dish that could easily feed three people. It is first boiled and then roasted with rosemary, cinnamon and garlic for 40 minutes until the skin is crispy with aromatic flavours and the meat is still tender.

As for the drinks, The Green & Safe (68RMB) cocktail is actually not safe. It's got a double shot of gin, mixed with ginger juice, lemon juice and cucumber making it a very fresh and invigorating cocktail.
The Gentleman (78RMB) is based on bourbon whisky, mixed with sugar and bitters, then heated up with coffee beans, cinnamon and orange skin, presented on a glass of hot water. It's a great drink for the winter. And this alcohol free cocktail "Juniper Tonic" made by bartender Mark is also very invigorating, made from tonic, juniper, rosemary and lemon, maybe this should be called Green & Safe? 

Happy hour from 5-6:30pm - all drinks (cocktails, wine, beer, whiskey, shots, coffee, soft drinks) buy 1 get 1 free.


Jason’s Library

529, 1/F, Building 4, Matrix, Fengtan Road and Yuhangtang Road

133 7251 0972, 0571 8683 9773

2017-02-20 2017-05-31

11:30:00 - 01:00:00

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