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A typhoon forecast to hit China’s eastern coast has forced the evacuation of more than 30,000 people and suspended trains and flights. n A total of 37,521 people have been relocated in the coastal city of Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province as winds on the sea near the city grow stronger, affected by Nepartak, this year’s […]
Publishing my first book
By: Daniel Otero I’ve been writing for over 20 years. Now this street kid from Brooklyn, New York didn’t always have the easiest upbringing or the greatest command of the English language. But like most American innovators, I had these creative ideas and took my imagination out for a spin. Placing these ideas to action, […]
China, black is beautiful too
By: Daniel Otero China has been missing the point with its brand new openness. As things get better, so is the way we ought to treat others. It’s important to understand that all ethnicities and cultures have something to teach, offer, give and show us through positive experiences. This is one important factor to be […]
Kissing Cultures
By: Daniel Otero There’s a deep confusion in China what’s the sexual and what’s the expression of affection between cultures. It could be misinterpretation or lack of exposure. But there’s a definite difference between expressions of sincere affection and those related to sex. To stop these horrible misunderstandings for a culture like China always over-thinking; […]
Females’ nightmare: Spring Diets
By: Daniel Otero Spring and summer months are just around the corner and with those winter months of holidays and celebrations during Spring Festival, so came the adding of the kilos to the waistline. Now, most females feel that during this period they have to diet. I for one never believed in diets and furthermore, […]
Carry the umbrella the next few days
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Government thanks residents for supporting city projects
The Hangzhou municipal government published a letter on March 31 to thank for the support and participation of local residents in the city’s preparation for the G20 summit. The letter said that a total of 605 construction projects will be finished in the next three months. The city government makes three promises to the people: […]
Doing exercises along Qiantang River
A fitness promenade has been built along the Qiantang River in Binjiang District. It will attract people for walking, jogging, cycling and doing other fitness exercises. The promenade has a six-kilometer plastic running track, a six-kilometer cycling lane, and an eight-kilometer walk. Source: Hangzhou International Center
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