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Amigo Bar/雅谷
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<p><p>When you've got a free afternoon, there's now no better a place to spend it than in Amigo's. It used to be this small window-free bar that could barely hold thirty people, and now it's able to hold close to two hundred and there's not a place inside that's without sunlight. Eudora included, this is definitely one of the most nicely decorated bars in town, and if having flowers is a must on your bar must-have list, then this is your place. The sun was shining so brightly on the day we went that we actually had to move under one of their huge Erdinger umbrellas. They've got two outdoor patios: one upstairs and one down, and they are big enough to hold parties on themselves, and when the weather gets colder which it soon will, they've got two electric fireplaces to keep you warm and toasty. <br /> <br /> And did we mention they've got a huge international menu to boot? We started our lunch with a Caesar Salad (38RMB plus 10RMB for chicken breast), and it was properly served with shaved parmesan cheese, followed by an unnecessary order of Potato Wedges (28RMB) which were very tasty, but unnecessary as they came with most of our other dishes, so it was a little overkill. We then were served three Mini Burgers (38RMB), and they were devoured by our party of four; and rightly so, as they proved to be a perfect starter. The Rosemary Chicken Whopper Burger (58RMB) was much more than the Burger King-style name would have you think it. It was so huge – How huge was it? – It was so huge our editor could hardly get his big fat mouth around it, but it was nice once it was in there. The biggest surprise of our meal was the “GER” Style Curry Sausage (58RMB). We haven't had better since Grandma Hilda was still alive and kicking. Beers run from 28 to 35RMB and cocktails start at 45RMB. Parking is available across the street, and, of course, an English menu is ready. Grab a few friends, head down to Amigo's, and be happy. <br /> </p></p>
2017-12-13 14:37:17
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2014-08-05 17:45:55
Here's an idea Robert. Stop being an drunken idiot and breaking glasses....retard....
2014-07-19 17:47:35
Food here is average at best and all the menu is way too expensive for what you get.On top of that they have an extraordinarily unclassy policy of charging you 50 RMB if you brake a glass.I am not going back and I do not recommend anyone to go there.
Edwards Collins
2014-07-04 18:27:16
Does this restaurant serve Spanish, American or Chinese food? The article does not seem to mention that.Spanish suckling pig
Joseph Koppi
2014-04-23 19:06:59
We have tried Amigos Bar and Restaurant two times now and have found it extremely disappointing. Our aim was to have a hamburger. On our first trip to Amigos, our server told us that we could not order a hamburger. disappointed, we ordered something else. When we had finished, I asked for the menu again to order something more, only to be told by the server that we could order a hamburger after all. When I called a Chinese-speaking friend and let him speak to the server, he told us that she thought the restaurant wasn't serving hamburgers then. Quite unapologetically, after having just spent 350 yuan ($56) for three on food we would rather not have ordered, she asked if we wanted to order a hamburger after all. Today, we managed to get a hamburger, which was delivered to our table practically raw. After being seated, we were given three very hefty menus (food, wine, drinks), the kind typically provided by overpriced restaurants. We then sat for some time until I finally got up from the table and took the menus to the server to order. Ten minutes later they brought us our beers; 20 minutes after that, the hamburgers. By the way, there were maybe six or seven patrons in the place—practically no one at all. The service was absolutely dismal. The patties could not have been more than five ounces and were totally undercooked. I am not a shy eater, and I have eaten many a rare hamburger, although I prefer them medium. And my wife and I are no strangers to Chinese cuisine, having eaten dishes such as duck tongue, duck feet, pork kidney, jellyfish, bamboo worms, and other menu items to which western palates are unaccustomed. The raw patties were served on buns that looked as if they came from a convenience store nearby. Mine came with potato fries, all six of them, which were actually pretty good.Overall, I would not recommend Amigos to any westerner who is looking for a hamburger. The restaurant is attractive and nicely appointed, but the staff lacks any concept of customer service, and the burgers were just abysmal. For burgers, go to Slim’s or Eurdora Station, both on Nanshan Road very close to each other, and both of which have chef’s that know how to make a good hamburger and staffs that are attentive.
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8 Yugu Road

0571 8880 9599

Opening Hours:
10:30am - 2am
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