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It should come as no surprise the MORE crew embraces drinking culture with a big, warm, wet, sloppy hug. We often manage to slip a little tongue in there, too. For this reason, we've been following the activity of one of Hangzhou's hottest up-and-coming bartenders, as he finds himself out of his prior place of employment, and right into a very fashionable and trendy new venue that gives him adequate room to strut his stuff! The gentleman's name is Jojo, and he'll be quick to serve up a cheeky smile and a cocktail to anyone who saddles up to the bar while he's on duty. Jojo's training stems from years of apprenticeship under a famed South Korean maestro, followed by some additional tutelage with old-school barkeeps that showed him what the art of mixology is really about. While far too many establishments in our fair city are trying to pawn syrupy, sordid, and sad drinks upon us, the cocktails at Aurora are refreshingly straightforward, elegant, and artistic. Of course, it helps if you head down there yourself, since talk is cheap; but you'll immediately notice the difference once you walk inside and see the tasteful appointments, the plush lounge area, and the towering pharmacopoeia of gleaming bottles behind the counter. Once we saw it, we couldn't help ourselves and we quickly took our seats at the bar. We had to find out what makes Jojo such a legend with the smart set. We're ashamed to reveal the full extent of our drink list to you, so let's just point out the highlights (that we're able to recall) of the night: an Old-Fashioned that features a solid hunk of hand-carved ice, a perfect Cosmopolitan, and a flaming “Barara” Shot that packed a lethal punch. Aside from the custom-made stuff, there are also the usual staples on the drink menu, like Gin and Tonic (60RMB), Dry Martini (80RMB), Rusty Nail (60RMB), and even a fine selection of whiskeys, brandies, blends, and rare items for you hard cases out there. If you're feeling extra adventurous, we sampled one of Jojo's secret weapons, which was named the “F***ing Chihuahua,” which left us whining like little, well, you get the point. Go to Aurora and find out for yourself why this place will be making some noise on the upscale scene. Parking is off-street, although we strongly recommend you take a taxi on your big night out.

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86 East Huancheng Road

0571 8580 3206

Opening Hours:
7pm - 2am
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