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Carbon Spanish Restaurant/南山市集
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Just as Carbon French restaurant is situated on the north side of Westlake on Beishan Road, the new Carbon Spanish restaurant is correspondingly on the southeast side on Nanshan Road. Located on the second floor of Jiebai New Yuanhua Mall, Carbon Spanish Restaurant and Bar has a lovely vantage point over the surrounding tree-lined area. The large balcony with plenty of outdoor seating invites guests to make the most of the scenery. You can’t quite see the Westlake, because of the trees, but it’s a pretty view nonetheless.

Carbon Spanish Restaurant is in the early process of fine-tuning their menu, so for now much of the menu borrows from their French restaurant. There’s the Ice Plant Salad (58RMB) with thinly sliced apples, parma ham, nuts, dried fruit and some crumbled cheese that’s very suitable as a main meal when the hot weather reduces your appetite. The Salmon Tartar (88RMB) with avocado is also a light and tasty appetizer.

As for the Spanish dishes unique to this Carbon, the Roast Suckling Pig with grilled peppers and eggplant (198RMB) was very nicely cooked with meltingly tender meat and crisp skin, but the chef was too heavy-handed with the salt that day. Their Arros Negre Paella (98RMB) will require some tweaking as well.

Overall, Carbon Spanish Restaurant’s location on Nanshan Road and view from the second floor balcony is its biggest draw. If you’re in the area, you could give it a consideration as a good place to have a meal of European style food. They serve burgers and sandwiches as a light lunch, and we did hear from a fellow diner at the restaurant that day that he enjoyed his Chicken Sandwich (58RMB) very much. Parking is available and smoking is permitted outside on the balcony.

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2/F, Jiebai Xin Yuanhua, Nanshan Road

0571 8789 5158

Opening Hours:
11am – 12am
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