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CHEERS Imported Wine Wholesaler/瑞品齐饮进口葡萄酒
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<p>Wine shops can be found across the city, but with Cheers making its splash into the local market, all you wine thirsty folks have a big reason to be excited. Founded in 2011 in Beijing by the Swiss Masueger family, they have quickly spread across China, becoming a household name.</p><p>The first thing you’ll notice going into Cheers is their bright welcoming environment. Covering the walls are Swiss flags and photos of wine events hosted across the many branches. Light music plays in the background and a screen shows videos of people dancing and celebrating in their stores. Written all around is the brand slogan: “Cheers makes you smile”; this represents the store’s philosophy, feeling more like a society with a common shared love of wine, rather than just a run-of-the-mill store.</p><p>Greeting me there was Jaye, who began by offering me a glass of Königsmosel (98RMB), a crisp well-balanced Riesling white wine from Germany. A glass of this wine was available for free as part of their daily wine tasting in which they select a different bottle each time for customers to try. Jaye, himself a keen wine aficionado, introduced me to some of his most recommended, including Two Peaks Sauvignon Blanc (139RMB), Tussock Jumper wine selection (108-135RMB), Schwarze Mädchentraube Merlot (65RMB) and the Viña Mestizo wine selection (50RMB). The selection of wines available is imported from all over the world, most of which are affordably priced under 100RMB. A VIP membership with 10% off the entire range is available after spending 200RMB, making the price even more appealing.</p><p>The good prices and wine selection is not all that Cheers has to offer. A seating area and small stocked bar also make this an ideal destination for those just out for a drink or before heading up to Coco Banana. Cocktails are available including a tasty Long Island Iced Tea (20RMB) and Tequila Sunrise (15RMB), as well as Yalaso Beer (17RMB) from Shangri-La. Cheese, snacks and desserts can also be ordered as a perfect partner to the wine.</p><p>For those looking to immerse themselves more in wine culture, free weekly wine classes are held on Wednesday nights. Plenty of other events are planned for the near future. Free delivery is available for those within 3km. Cheers is located on Wantang Road, near Tianmushan Road. Parking available.&nbsp;</p>
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1/F, Building A, Dragon Time Square, 2 Wantang Road

0571 8676 6860, 133 8581 1283

Opening Hours:
11am - 10pm
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