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Club G+/极佳酒吧
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<p>We have moved back to 2 Baochu Road (保俶路2号), see the map.</p><p>Club G+ has invited many DJs, includes the TOP100 AVB, Calvin Harris, Skrillex, Steve Aoki, ZEDD, Afrojack, PVD, Above&amp;Beyond, BT, DashBerlin… and super stars like Carina Lau, Jordan Chan, Edison Chen…&nbsp;</p><p>From 1999 to 2016, from LA Disco to G+, nearly hundreds parties with TOP100 DJ, countless super stars came, we have had so many sleepless nights with unforgettable memories, but looking back, Club G+ will always remember every night.&nbsp;</p><p>It is not exaggerating to say that you have never enjoyed the nightlife in Hangzhou if you haven’t been to Club G+.</p><p>After a short break in 2016, Club G+ is reloaded and coming back to continue the legendary story. The new Club G+ Baochu Branch had a soft opening party on Dec.31st, 2016, it will once again become the leader of Hangzhou electronic Music.</p><p>The new Club G+ covers an area of 1600 sqms, height of 8 meters. It has 380 sqms of 360 pixel matrix, 8312 independent LED light matrix, 6 groups of Kawasaki hundred kilograms of industrial mechanical arm, 9 sets of 360 degree adjustable lift and rotating honeycomb visual smallpox module, 15 meters of 270 degree three-dimensional holographic image channel, 360 degree rotation stage that is 5 meters in diameter, 34 top Fusion-One speakers, 120 ACME lighting equipment. The top integration of sound, light, and electronic equipment, brings you the top audio-visual effects and chemical reaction.</p>
2013-11-28 13:25:51
My favorite Club in Hangzhou! If you like damn hard partys you have to go there. Wednesday is Ladies Night and it's truly worth a visit! It's also a very good location. If you don't like the G-Plus (then go home... just kiddin), go outside and upstairs and there are four or five other bars and clubs. Jackpot. This corner is always interesting and you always will meet people from all over the world. Last week I met two guys from my home town in Germany. Unbelievable. The drinks aren't expensive. Don't hesitate and buy a really strong and delicious cocktail...
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2 Baochu Road

0571 2819 5888

Opening Hours:
9pm - very late
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