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Double W/无为精酿啤酒专门店
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Sometimes after a long day, you just crave a cold refreshing beer to relax. Other times you enjoy meeting your friends for a beer to exchange interesting conversations. At Double W, they can cover all your beer needs. The owner, Sam, who is a beer enthusiast and from Hangzhou decided to open his own beer bar. Sam is super friendly. Ask him to teach you some local Hangzhou bar games. He knows a few. If you like beer and bar games, then Double W is a safe bet. You will, for sure, find the right beer for you.

When you first sit at the bar and begin to examine the fifteen different types of draft beer on tap, you know this is going to be good. Double W has the price, alcohol percentage, and clever beer names all written in English and Chinese. You can find Goose Island (55RMB), Boxing Cat Extra Pale Ale (55RMB), and even Bikini Watermelon Wheat Beer (55RMB) from Beijing’s own JING A beer company. Sam and the crew are extremely excited to offer their own brewed draft beer as well.

The Machine Oil (50RMB) at 6.2% is a strong potent stout, but smooth for drinking. You can taste the baked unfermented barley, as well as the heavily baked malt, yeast, and hops. If you enjoy stout, especially from draft, then this is the place to get it.  

Then we noticed there was a draft beer called Hangzhou Hot IPA (45RMB) 6.2%. I asked “why is the name hot?”, Sam laughed and said “ Because Hangzhou is so hot in the summer”. So don’t worry, the beer wasn’t physically hot. The local made IPA did not disappoint. The IPA is made of mixed malt, large amounts of hops, yeast.

The next glass of goodness we tried was the Chinese Rural Dog Wheat (38RMB). The beer is 5.6% and is exactly what a wheat beer should be. They used wheat malt, hops, yeast and water. It was quite refreshing to drink. Just by looking at it, after it was poured into the glass, I was excited to give it a sip, then a chug.

It doesn’t stop there. They also have four fridges of bottled beer from all over the world with over 100 different types. The selection of draft and bottle beer is quite impressive, and the prices vary from 30RMB to 60RMB.

Double W offers some good bar snacks as well. Their sausage platter (48RMB) is good for a crowd. Duck Head (58RMB) is good for two, and the Dry Pork (30RMB) is worth a try, if you like crunchy dried stuff. 

The seating areas and design were all chosen by Sam himself. There are two floors and outside seating as well. Two Japanese style rooms can hold large groups. All the seating areas on the second floor have their own T.V., so you can bring your own device to hook up to the T.V. and enjoy in privacy.

Sam has a great idea for beers to go or even for delivery. They have beer bags that can fit beverages from the tap into a Ziploc bag, so you can take them on the go. They will join the world of online delivery too with a plan on registering with Meituan and Eleme. So you can order delicious beer to your door.

Double W is located at 168-1 Wensan Road right beside Yuan Hotel.  Right at the corner of Wensan Road and Baochu Road. There are about five parking spots. If not just around the corner, north west off Baochu Road, there is parking on the street.

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168-1 Wensan Road

0571 8791 0991

Opening Hours:
6:30pm – 2am
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