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Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat, Huanglong Branch/悠庭保健会所, 黄龙店
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<p>Ask anyone and they’ll tell you ol’ Keg is a hero to the blue-collar working man who doesn’t cotton to high society. Fancy cars and swimming pools weren’t destined for ol’ Keg, unless it meant fixing or cleaning them. Nope, yours truly’s was a lifetime of thankless, hard, work that became the sole inspiration for Bob Segar’s Night Moves, and you think Segar gave Keg any credit? No. His lawyers just made up some malarkey about how I was born 2 years after the album was released, making any claim on my behalf invalid, but like a rock, I was strong as I could be. Except for my lower back, which was as wrenched as it could be, so despite my usual shunning of hoity-toity spas, I decided to spoil myself with a trip to the new Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat on Xixi Road, just east of Jiaogong Road and the Yellow Dragon Stadium. <br /> <br /> Upon entering, my boss and I were greeted by the cheerful, English-speaking, receptionist, who promptly handed us two service menus before quietly preparing us some tea. The establishment, though small (7 private rooms including 1 for couples, which is awesome, a foot massage lounge, and a manicure/pedicure clinic), is wonderfully decorated. The entire place is warm, candlelit, aromatic, and subdued. It sets the perfect tone for whatever service you choose to indulge yourself in, and there are a lot to choose from. This place offers a full range of options from full spa treatments and massages to nail and waxing services. <br /> <br /> Because I tend to think I’m in better shape than I really am, I incur a lot of work-out related injuries, so I opted for the 60-minute, Post-Workout Spot Massage, for a very reasonable 150 RMB. My boss, who has the cracked, chapped talons of a desiccated Harpy, wisely chose the manicure for 100 RMB. After choosing, our respective, English-speaking attendants escorted us to our respective rooms and got down to work. <br /> <br /> I remained conscious for a good two-thirds of my sports massage, determined to fully enjoy the masterful technique my attending masseuse executing on my ravaged, yet still cut and masculine, blue-collar back. Try as I might, the masseuse’s magic was too strong, and before I knew it, she was gently waking me up. I felt born anew, with not an ache in my lower back. I don’t know what happened with my boss, but she emerged from the mani/pedi clinic with hands that, dare I say, looked like a woman’s. Had you seen those gargoyle claws before she went in, you’d know that’s high praise indeed. <br /> <br /> Great service, great décor, and great prices should put the Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat high on your list the next time you need to spend the day pampering yourself. <br /> </p>
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10am - 12am
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