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Freinet Education Centre · Hangzhou Wangjiang Kindergarten/弗雷内教育中心 · 杭州望江园区
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Freinet Education Centre is the only school in China authorized by the Institut Coopératif de l’Ecole Moderne (ICEM), the Fédération Internationale des Mouvements d’Ecole Moderne (FIMEM) to use and promote Freinet pedagogy.

Freinet pedagogy was created by the French educator Célestin Freinet. It starts from the children's work, interests and personality, and uses techniques such as free expression, communication, environmental analysis, individualization, organization and cooperative life, to develop children's skills like personal plans, groups cooperation, and creativity, so they love to learn and create.

It’s a pedagogy that enables the children of present days to act in tomorrow’s world.

Freinet Education Centre’s practical and reliable courses are designed in three languages (Chinese, English and French): science, art, social codes, language and sports aiming children from two to six years old.

The Centre contacts schools from other countries to do the inter-school correspondence. We also recommend and organize a number of international cultural activities.

The Centre also provides weekend courses in English, French, and art with small class, and the Freinet pedagogical training for teachers.

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Guanjiang Building, Wangjiang Park, Wangchao Road

0571 8701 3630

Opening Hours:

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