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Ginababay Macaron/Ginababay私点马卡龙
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Gina and her French husband used to run a restaurant in Beijing, a random trip to Hangzhou made them decided to stay in this city. With many years of experience, the passion and pursuit for dessert, the studies in France, based on the world's top dessert recipes, Gina's handmade macaron became our new favorite bites! 

Handmade fresh organic fruits jam, top American almond flour, French butter and lilac milk... The most sophisticated materials ensures the quality of every single macaron. Available flavours: fruit series, green tea nad coffee series...

How to purchase:
Add "ginababay" on wechat, please make your reservation 48 hours advance, Gina will elaborate collocation of a variety of tastes Macaron. If you have a special requirement, please notify her in wechat. 

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