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Kingmauii Coffee/金茂宜咖啡西餐
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The coffee plant was first brought to Hawaii in 1813 from Brazilian cuttings and it was in the Kona District on the Big Island of Hawaii that coffee plants took hold and flourished. Kona District’s fertile and porous volcanic soil, combined with sunny mornings, afternoons shrouded in clouds, little wind and mild nights create an aromatic, medium-bodied coffee with light acidity and sweetness. As the Kona coffee growing area is only 14k㎡, the limited supply further contributes to Kona coffee being one of the most expensive coffees in the world.

Besides Kona coffee, Kingmauii also has coffee from other regions like Kenya, Costa Rica and YirgacheffeGrz made into 24 different styles of coffee. The Black Hole (38RMB), for example, is a 3-layer concoction with milk, espresso, cream and coffee jelly.

We were eager to try their Ice Drip Coffee (48RMB per 200mL cup) made with 100% Kona coffee using a Dutch ice drip method. It takes 6 hours to complete the brewing process, drip by precious drip. The ice drip method has lower acidity and less bitterness than hot brewing methods, allowing the fruitiness of the coffee to be at the forefront. Each day, only 60 cups of ice drip coffee are available at Kingmauii.

The Ice Drip Coffee is served with ice cubes made of coffee, water ice cubes, milk and honey. You should try the pure coffee by itself first. It had a remarkably beautiful hazelnut flavour plus fruity sweetness and we didn’t need to add any milk or honey at all.

For the highest appreciation of coffee, you can sit at the bar and have an exquisite cup of hand-poured coffee (45-68RMB). 

We watched Michael, owner and coffee expert, as he demonstrated the hand-pour technique, first wetting the coffee filter, forming a hole in a mound of coffee grounds and then controlling and directing the flow of water in elaborate stages to extract the essence of coffee.

Their High Tea set (198RMB) is worth mentioning too, as their scones are buttery, light-textured and studded with cranberries and the brownies are dense and chocolatey.

Food options includes soups, salads, pasta, risottos, pizza and meat and seafood main courses.

At a similar or even lower price point than other coffee chains, Kingmauii’s coffees are a step above the crowd.  Come here to experience the distinctive coffees from Hawaii and around the world.

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No.14, 3/F, Raffles City, Fuchun Road & Xinye Road

0571 8538 1359

Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm
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