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Moka Bros/摩卡站
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Sometimes you eat food, and it puts you into a coma. Other times you feel great after you eat it. At Moka Bros, you can be guaranteed that you'll feel like a million dollars after you're done.

We had a huge array of food on this gorgeous afternoon starting with a Tenderloin Steak Avocado Wrap (68RMB) which really hit the spot on all levels. 

Then, as far as I was concerned, came the best thing of our feast, which was the Chicken-Avocado English Muffin (58RMB). It is topped with a poached egg, similar to eggs Benedict, yet much better in my humble opinion, and enough to fill anyone up on an afternoon. 

Next came out the Shrimp Avocado Salad (68RMB), and this was as fresh as can be. And their power bowls. To end our main courses came their Salmon Sashimi Bibimbap (78RMB) which was like nothing we've ever had before. It is an exotic, and well thought out mixture of different flavors and textures that we're pretty sure the chef had to spend many hours attempting to create. Finally our Champagne full lunch, which didn't distract us in anyway, was the dessert.

The Go Bananas (45RMB) made us turn to our most primitive state of happiness. All in all, we've got to say that although Moka Bros is surrounded by many other great places like Element Fresh, Blue Frog, and Wagas, they definitely deserve a priority over the lot. 

You can also enjoy their Happy Hour from 4pm to 8pm, house wine, cocktail and Tsingtao are only 30RMB each during this period. Weekend brunch is from opening till 3pm, not to mention the super lunch deal during the weekdays. Their cool interior, excellent service, wide range of drinks, and extremely healthy menu rank them as one of the best spots around.


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L137B, Hangzhou Kerry Center, 268 Qingchun Road

0571 8682 6535

Opening Hours:
10:30am - 10pm
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