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New restaurants keep popping up at the Kerry Center like mushrooms after a rain and it’s hard to keep track of all the new places to visit. The latest one, NL105, is a fusion San Francisco style seafood shack started by Ricky, a Hangzhou native who spent his young adult years in The Golden Gate City. Having soaked up the San Fran atmosphere for 9 years, Ricky still radiates chill, relaxed happy vibes that permeates throughout his cheerful little seafood shack. He’s also the mind behind the fresh, healthy food menu at eShine, so if you like EShine, you’ll definitely want to check-out NL105. 

The menu mainly focuses on two things: lobster rolls and tiger prawn rolls in classic and new fusion flavours. All lobster rolls cost 65RMB and all tiger prawn rolls 48RMB. The lobster is boiled quickly after being caught off Boston, then packed and flown to Hangzhou and the tiger prawns come from Vietnam.

The Classic Maine lobster roll could use some more tweaking to boost the lemon flavor and tone down the salt, but The Californication lobster roll was already drool worthy, with loads of creamy avocado and a lime mayo that isn’t shy. Tiger prawns get a Korean spin in the Kimchi Ponzu tiger prawn roll. Other interesting fusion flavours to try are the Dijon Yuzu tiger prawn roll with Dijon mayo and the Takoyaki Ninja tiger prawn roll with seaweed and takoyaki mayo.

For sides, we liked the Brown Rice Salad (38RMB) very much. It had a colourful rainbow spectrum of toppings which included lobster, mango, kimchi, mushrooms, a stalky green vegetable, pickles, corn, avocado and a spicy mayo. It is food that looks good, tastes good and is good for you. Ricky whips up some light fruity cocktails and wines, beer, cider and soda are available.

NL105 is a cool, hip place to stop by for a quick seafood meal and it’s also the only place in Hangzhou where you can get lobster rolls and tiger prawn rolls!


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105, Building 4, Kerry Center, 385 Yan'an Road

0571 5607 9105

Opening Hours:
10am - 11pm
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