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Raclette International/瑞可丽特礼仪咨询
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Leadership Presence
Are you an owner, a founder, or a global CEO looking for an expert who can effectively train your team in the art of Leadership Presence?
This kind of corporate training will greatly benefit organizations with delegations that are traveling internationally, as well as companies that are ready to go global.

Here are three important points on Leadership Presence:
• Create the right assumptions during a presentation, by setting the tone for your personal delivery and style.
• Get your point across, without struggling. Making a point is not just about using language correctly, it's also about using body language as well.
• Manage your energy level, by providing the right visual and bodily cues to keep an audience engaged without overdoing it.

International Business Etiquette and Protocol
International etiquette is ultimately a display of respect, and has become a necessity as we attempt to build relationships with our global counterparts. Before embarking on an international business trip, it is helpful to prepare yourself in a way that will ensure your experience is successful.

Here are three important topics covered during our hands-on training:
• Effective conversation, business savvy, and making a favorable first impression.
• Image styling and professional presentation.
• Protocol of handshakes, greetings, introductions, and body language.

The Art of European Dining and Business Entertaining
Sharing a meal with friends and colleagues is fun and rewarding, but how do you make a favorable impression when mixing business with pleasure? After all, 40% of business negotiations take place over a meal.

Here are the topics we address on European Dining and Business Entertaining:
• French and British dining etiquette, and variations on dining in different countries.
• Dinner conversation skills, and taboos.
• Business entertaining and hosting with style.

Please contact us to set an appointment, and to find out how we can customize the proper training course for you and your team.

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