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<p>Winglife Coffee resides in what was previously an E-mail Coffee, and having been to the previous establishment, it seems that, apart from the name, not a great deal has changed. This is not necessarily a bad thing as the place covers two large, spacious floors the size of a small warehouse. The front, south-facing side is made up entirely of glass and so allows for a generous amount of natural light to flood in for the most-part of the day.</p><p>The space itself is the best thing about Winglife – a nice environment in which to either work or catch up with a pal. Large wooden tables are available and ready to be used as your work station if you please, while most of the seating is comfortable enough to spend a couple of hours relaxing in. Various sized meeting rooms are also available too and are geared towards more informal occasions with low, deep, leather seating.</p><p>Winglife offers the usual in the way of coffees (Cappuccino, 29RMB), juices (Fresh Orange Juice, 35RMB) and tea (Fresh Fruit Tea Pot, 58RMB) at reasonable prices and does a decent enough job in the execution.</p><p>On the eating side, a new menu has recently been released that spans breakfasts, lunches and dinners. However, in regard to these new eats, MORE<em> </em>tried them so you don’t have to. We would suggest steering clear of their full-blown meals, but if you are absolutely starving go for one of their snacks or perhaps something sweet in the form of a cake or waffle. The Popcorn Chicken (鸡米花, 32RMB) was simple and inoffensive enough and the Black Forest Cake (黑森林, 23RMB) certainly did the job.&nbsp;</p><p>Winglife is situated in the west of Hangzhou on West Wenyi road. Menus in Chinese, smoking on the second floor, free parking available.&nbsp; &nbsp;</p>
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102 West Wenyi Road

0571 8767 1437

Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm
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