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We first got to know bartender Jerry from his time at Mint bar where he dazzled Hangzhou with his fabulous mojitos. Then he went on to Kingdom where he oversaw the bar and continued making exquisite cocktails with exclusive house infused rums and fruit syrups. Now he brings his brand of creative cocktails to X-Box, a new spot on Yan’an road just north of Fengqi road.

Finding the bar requires a bit of searching. When you get to 468 Yan’an road you’ll see a large gaping entrance leading into a dark square. Walk further inside, go towards your left and you’ll see some light emanating from a building. That’s X-Box. Step inside and enter a world of metal – iron, steel, metal chairs, chain link fences and hanging chains. X-Box’s Chinese name 锈 means “rust”, to conjure an edgy industrial feel. Not to fret though, there are many comfortable leather chairs which will make it easy to spend a night here. The music was a mix of bosa nova, vocal trance and cool lounge.

The cocktail selection is easy to navigate with a series for ladies (58RMB), for men (68RMB), classic cocktails (48RMB) and classic premium (58RMB). Ladies’ cocktails come with fun and seductive names like “If you want to touch her” and “Sex with the captain” and are largely made with rum, gin and fruit flavours. Men’s cocktails have more masculine alcohols like whiskey, vodka and sharper flavours like ginger and bitters. There are also shooters (30RMB), non-alcoholic drinks (38-48RMB), premium whiskeys and beers.

With the steamy hot weather these days, Jerry has just the cure with icy cold cocktails. The classic premium Mint Julep came in an ice encrusted silver mug that had been in the freezer for three days. The drink was made with whiskey, mint and more ice and it stayed super cold for a long time. Wonky Donkey was another drink that came in a freezing cold copper mug. With vodka, red berry, ginger liquor and orange bitter, it was like a refreshing ginger ale. The most fun drink of the night was the Appletini, coming in a carved out granny smith apple with scoops of apple on the side.

We went during the soft opening period and there was already a steady stream of Jerry’s loyal customers coming to pay their respects.  Go on over to see what the fuss is all about. 

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468 Yan'an Road

0571 8673 7870

Opening Hours:
7pm - 2am
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