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Crayfish are in season, and MORE has found the perfect place to enjoy them by the bucket load. Xiahuo serves big crayfish in even bigger portions in a number of different tastes and styles.

Xiahuo understands that you are probably hungry and so gives ever customer a 30-minute guarantee, meaning that any food arriving after the 30-minute mark will be free of charge – the result is that food does not take long to arrive here. 

First to appear were the cold dishes of the Special Green Soy Beans (特色毛豆夹, 9RMB) and Numb-Spicy Cucumber (椒麻炝黄瓜, 10RMB), both a good way to begin; the sauce of the latter is a very delicious combination of sweet and numb-spicy tastes. Barbecue dishes are also available, and we didn’t hesitate in ordering a couple of Lamb Skewers (香烤羊肉串, 10RMB), Chicken Wings (香烤鸡中翅, 12RMB) and Fish (烤小黄鱼, 6RMB), all of which were surprisingly good and generously topped with spices.

When ordering the crayfish, you will need to select the type of crayfish (with or without eggs, size etc.), the size of the portion and finally the flavour. We ordered a portion of their Spicy Crayfish (香辣, Medium 198RMB), which, in fact, wasn’t too spicy and even had a little saltiness to it, and the 16 Spice (十六香, Medium 198RMB), a flavoursome sweet sauce that had us dipping again and again.

Next was the Naked Steamed Longjing Crayfish (龙井裸蒸, 158RMB). The crayfish were a little smaller than in the previous dishes, but this time there was a show before the feast. The victims are brought to your table live and steamed right in front of you with tea leaves, thereby infusing the crayfish with a light Longjing tea taste. 

For drinks, a good selection of imported beers is available including the Erdinger Black (28RMB 500ml) and 1664 (28RMB 250ml), and for non-beer drinkers the Lime, Lychee and Sakura Cocktail (富士山下, 22RMB) would cool down even the hottest of mouths.   

After eating, order some of their ‘poison’ (毒药, 25RMB), a fun game you can play with your friends. Everyone will be presented with a unlabelled bottle, the contents of which will either be a nice, refreshing peach juice or, for one unlucky soul, something a little more bitter.

Xiahuo’s entrance can be found on Dujinsheng Road next to the Wyndham Hotel. Smoking not permitted. Limited parking.


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539 Fengqi Road

0571 8577 2773

Opening Hours:
5pm – very late
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