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Yee Chino/玉玲珑
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<p>There are many kinds of diners out there, and luckily for us, Hangzhou has many kinds of foods to dig into at any given time. Now, you might be a huge fan of Hangzhou's local cuisine... and then again, you may find it to be mostly bland, insipid, and lacking in the “punch” that China's more memorable cuisines possess. But hey, all that stuff aside, we're going to give Hangbang Cai a fair shake, and drop in for a visit at one of Hangzhou's most famed locally-owned and operated indie establishments for a quick lunch. The MORE crew was positively ravenous by the time we triumphed over the pains of parking a car on a notoriously crowded Nanshan Road, but once inside the restaurant, we were greeted by an eclectic and cozy interior that made us feel right at home in a hurry. Once the menus were in our hands, we spent considerable time wading through the selections within – this is a hefty menu, to say the least – and finally decided on Lotus Seeds Fried with Bamboo Shoots, Baby Lotus Stir-fry, Pan Fried Cod Fish and Homemade Bacon Fried with Cracklings, to name a few of the highlights from our meal. One of the “not-so-favorites” would be the paper-wrapped pigeon, which didn't make the grade, since it was obvious that a microwave oven was used to heat the bird, albeit partially. However, if hot, sweet, and sticky is your thing, then you'll be enamored with Sugar-Glazed Pork Cutlets on a platter that is topped with a very delicate, spider's web-thin nest of spun sugar threads. Big points for presentation, although our insulin levels spiked with every bite. So what's our conclusion? Prices are not going to break the bank, although Yee Chino isn't exactly cheap. Add to that the annoyance of ordering Baked Stuffed Crab, which the restaurant was out of at the time. But all in all, not a bad day, considering the view from large plate glass windows offer great people-watching opportunities, as well as a drink list that's impressive in its inclusion of moderately priced wines that are actually good; also bottled beers aplenty for under 20RMB to quench your thirst. However, go easy on the pork cracklings – you'll thank us for helping you avoid the gut-bomb effect that lingers with you for the rest of the day.</p>
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1 Lvyang Road

0571 8791 8788

Opening Hours:
11am - 2pm, 5pm - 9:30pm
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