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ZAYAGAN, Qingzhiwu Branch/札雅 蒙古的人与神
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Zayagan, one of the frontrunners of Mongolian-style cuisine in Hangzhou, have upgraded their origins and moved their home just a few hundred metres up the road in Qingzhiwu to a large, swanky new premise spread over three beautifully- decorated floors. The food is still as good as it ever was, with the Zayagan team perfecting what they did so well the first two times to create a menu encompassing the best of the old and some new, original treats. 

This new addition to the Zayagan family is just as charming as its sister restaurants, with emphasis on minimal décor and plenty of natural lighting, with beautiful, authentic Mongolian works of art and memorabilia drawing your eye to ever corner. Weaponry, original artwork and light displays are all to remind you where you are and to better your Mongolian-dining experience. 

The menu here has been adjusted to better suit the warmer weather, with more salads and vegetable-based dishes and less huge slabs of meat. The dish that best embodies this is their Walanchabu Smoked Chicken (39RMB), a deliciously light and refreshing salad containing smoked chicken, mango, mushroom, peppers and plenty of greenery for the perfect summer light bite.

The Roasted Tofu with Broccoli (25RMB), another salad, is a great vegetarian option with chickpeas, walnuts, broccoli, avocado and large chunks of Tofu all covered in a sweet orange dressing. 

The Blue Flag Style Cream Filled Mushrooms (29RMB) contains eight baked mushrooms stuffed with pork, pepper and cream that would work great as a side or starter to share with a small group. 

If you are a looking for something more meaty, fear not as there is still a good selection of heavier dishes on offer, including some fusion with Western-style cuisine. The Baked Lamb Chops (159RMB) is thick pieces of meat including crispy skin, juicy fat and tender meat with a delicious, thick sauce of red wine, balsamic vinegar and other spices. 

The Rengdarkozlukler Style Roast Lamb Chops (99RMB) has four lamb chops covered in mixed, ground nuts and is accompanied by mashed eggplant.

For drinks, typical and more authentic alcoholic and soft drinks are available, with Zayagan’s own brand of beer to be introduced in May. Try their Iced Mongolian-style Milk Tea (38RMB) to cool you down on those warmer of summer days. Also, with a dedicated stage, Zayagan’s new restaurant will have live performances of traditional Mongolian music on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. 

Menus in English, Smoking not permitted. Outdoor seating and private rooms available. Limited parking.

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93 Qingzhiwu

153 9708 2509

Opening Hours:
11:30am - 2pm; 5pm - 12am
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