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The opportunity to try authentic Mongolian cuisine has never been better with Zayagan opening up their second store, this time across the other side of town and with over twice the seating capacity of their first branch. Much like the first branch, the premises is decorated with great taste and originality, while remaining true to theme. A Mongolian bow, shield and armour, a drawing of Yuan Dynasty emperor Kublai Khan, a big painting of a Mongolia army siege scene, original Mongolian artwork and traditional music create an environment of wonder and mysticism before you even take the first bite.  


That first bite should probably be one of their homemade yoghurt (15RMB), topped with raisins and sweet syrup, a perfect way to warm up the stomach while you wait for the main dishes. The Oat Noodles with Sauce (19RMB) and the Allium Mongolicum with Mashed Potato (19RMB) were just delicious as the first time, and some of the only vegetarian-friendly dishes this place offers. A new addition to the menu, the Erdos Air Dried Meat Salad (49RMB) was topped with a very rare meat - dried naturally and without preservatives using the cool breeze of the Mongolian plains. The Mongolians are most certainly a meat-loving people and the bulk of their main dishes use large cuts of lamb or goat, served up whole and accompanied by a carving knife. The Mongolian-style Lamb Skewers (9RMB each), rather than being cooked on a grill as you may be accustomed to, were oven cooked in a traditional oven, and so were succulent and moist without being oily on the outside. The Lamb Chops (249RMB) were a large rack suitable for around 3 or 4 people, and like most of the meat dishes in Zayagan, has crispy skin and is succulent and juicy within. Use of hands is advised.  

The opening of this larger restaurant has also allowed for the introduction of a new signature dish, the Daruqai Roast Lamb Back (1,799RMB). Suggested to be shared between 12 people, a huge piece of slow-roasted, imported meat that will no doubt give you a truly Mongolian experience.   

Soft drinks, beers, and stronger spirits are available in both mainstream and more authentic forms. The Mongolian beer (酷日客, 19RMB) was a little stronger than the average, but delicious all the same. And your wine will be served in a traditional Mongolian bowl, not to mention the occasional Mongolian singer who adds to the ambiance. 

Private spaces available, menus in English. Outdoor smoking area, parking limited. 


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302 Middle Zhongshan Road

0571 8760 8656, 153 4588 4225

Opening Hours:
11:30am - 2pm; 5pm - 12am
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