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Featured Family

Enlan Baby children’s Education Center/英联贝贝儿童教育中心

Repulse Bay City Garden, 403 South Hushu Road 湖墅南路403号浅水湾城市花园
0571 8980 7789, 8980 7333
8am - 5pm

Stage Music Academy/星台国际音乐学院

Booth 112-114, Block A, Building 2, Powerlong City, Binsheng Rd. Binjiang 滨江滨盛路宝龙城2栋A座112-114商铺
0571 5605 3920
3pm - 9pm (Mon.-Fri.); 8am - 8pm (Sat.-Sun)

Montessori Academy Hangzhou Wansongling Campus/蒙氏学堂, 万松岭校区

100-1-A Wansongling Road 万松岭路100-1-A
0571 8683 3651
8:30am - 3:45pm

Yiland Arts/意伦教育

609 North Jainguo Road 建国北路609号
189 6819 9963
9am - 8pm

Hangzhou Victoria Kindergarten/杭州维多利亚幼儿园

Landscape Bay, Shunbacun, Ningweizhen, Xiaoshan 萧山区宁围镇顺坝村景海湾小区
0571 8351 5277
8:30am - 4:20pm

Wahaha International School/杭州娃哈哈外籍人员子女学校

5 Yaojiang Road 姚江路5号
0571 8780 1933
8am - 5pm (Mon.-Fri.)

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Italian Pizza

14 Qingfeng Village, Xixi Road
庆丰新村14号, 西溪路

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Booth 107, Building 2, Powerlong City, Binsheng Rd. Binjiang

A Spanish tapas bar in Binjiang with imported alcoholic beverages from Spain, such as cider and shandy, and an extensive collection of single malt whiskeys... Read More..
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