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Gymboree, Hangzhou Phoenix City Center/金宝贝杭州凤凰城中心

3/F, 51 Feiyunjiang Road 飞云江路51号凤凰城3楼
0571 8755 2855
9am - 6pm


5F Metro Business Building, 611 North Zhongshan Road (Right next to West Lake Culture Square Metro Station Exit B) 下城区中山北路611号地铁商务大厦5F
0571 2886 1598

Hangzhou Youth and Children’s Activity Center (Shaonian Gong)/杭州青少年宫

Beishan Rd. and Baochu Rd. at the Corner of West Lake 北山路和保俶路

Sunshine Kids English Department/阳光少年英语培训中心

Rm. 205, Zhejiang Children Art Center, 138 South Hushu Rd. 湖墅南路138号浙江儿童艺术中心205室
0571 8882 4934

Montessori Kindergarten/心元儿童之家

Silver Horse Complex, 224 Jiaogong Road 教工路224号银马公寓
400 007 1870, 0571 8669 3398
8:30am - 5pm, Monday to Friday

Mary English/玛丽英语

127 Baochu Road 保俶路127号
0571 8886 3085-141

Green Town Compound Kindergarten/绿城幼儿园

458 West Wener Rd. 文二西路458号
0571 8843 4423

EF (English First), Moganshan Branch/EF英之辅语言培训中心

2 Wulin Lane, Moganshan Road 莫干山路武林巷2号
0571 8886 3085-165

EF (English First), Jiefang Branch/英之辅语言培训中心城东校区

4/F, Weixing Century Mansion, 85 Jiefang Rd 解放路85号伟星世纪大厦4楼
0571 8716 9905

DELL International English, Qingchun Branch/弗兰国际·戴尔英语

16/F, Building E, Dongqing Mansion, 50-52 Qingchun Rd. 庆春路50-52号东清大厦E幢16楼
0571 8721 6911

Bear America/贝尔美语培训学校

6/F, Yuedu Business Building, 632 North Zhongshan Road 中山北路632号越都商务大厦6楼
0571 2890 6000

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23 Jiaogong Road (In the Buy Now building just next to Mr. Battercake)
教工路23号 (百脑汇)

With drinks give-aways, great music and some of the best pizza Hangzhou has to offer, you will be forgetting the outside world in no time as you descend into the underworld that is Basement. Read More..

Forty 8

48/F, Park Hyatt Hangzhou, 1366 Qianjiang Road

Read More..
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