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Lingshun Temple/灵顺寺

On the top of North Peak, Behind Lingyin Temple 灵隐寺后北高峰山巅

5am – 6pm

Leifeng Pagoda/雷峰塔

15 Nanshan Road 南山路15号
0571 8717 9617
8am - 5:30pm (Nov. 16th - Mar. 14th), 7:30am - 9pm (Mar. 15th - Nov. 15th)

Hangzhou Harlequins Rugby Club/杭州哈力根橄榄球队

130 6571 2273
Wednesday evening, Saturday afternoon

Yongfu Monastery/永福寺

16 Fayun Lane, Lingyin Road 灵隐路法云弄16号
0571 8796 5671
5am – 6pm

Greentown Angle Dental Clinic/绿城安格口腔

50 Qiushi Road 求是路50号
0571 8796 0856
9am – 5:30pm

Xiaoshan China Flower and Plants City/萧山中国花木城

Xin’an Village, Ningwei Town, Xiaoshan 萧山区宁围镇新安村(沪杭甬高速公路萧山出口)

Ivy Dental Clinic, Qian Jiang Branch/艾维齿科, 钱江门诊部

Booth 4-102, Xiaoxiang Yuan, Chunjiang Huayue, Feiyunjiang Rd. (Close to Zhijiang Rd.) 飞云江路春江花月潇湘苑商铺4-102
0571 8681 7799
9am - 6pm

Xiaohe Street/小河直街

On the Grand Canal, North of Dengyun Rd. 拱宸桥小河直街

24 hours

Mingming Hair Salon, West Wenyi Branch/铭铭美发连锁沙龙文一西路店

266 West Wenyi Road 文一西路266号
0571 8891 2509

Shuijingyue Hair Salon/水晶月发艺设计中心

217 Wenyi Road 文一路217号
0571 8882 8282

Routing Beauty & Fitness Center, Huanglong Branch/柔婷专业美容美体, 黄龙店

7/F, Hengli Building, 5 Huanglong Road 黄龙路5号恒励大厦7楼
0571 8799 9172

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23 Jiaogong Road (In the Buy Now building just next to Mr. Battercake)
教工路23号 (百脑汇)

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Forty 8

48/F, Park Hyatt Hangzhou, 1366 Qianjiang Road

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