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Half Bottle Restaurant/半瓶子艺术餐厅

17 Lianhuafeng Road 莲花峰路17号(近丝绸博物馆)
0571 8779 4178
10am – 10pm

Sunway Restaurant/上味小海小鲜

1 North Baochu Road 保俶北路1号
0571 8821 2708
11am - 9pm

Danya Xiaoju/淡雅小居

125 Xia Manjuelong Road (close to Stone House Cave) 下满觉陇路125号(石屋洞附近)
0571 8799 4312
10am – 10pm

Jura Restaurant Bar, Meiling Branch/汝拉小镇,梅灵店

8 East Meiling Road (close to the Jiqingshan Tunnel and Longjing Road exit) 梅灵东路8号靠近吉庆山隧道龙井路出口
0571 8797 9012
9:30am - 10pm

Hua Gui Tea and Wine Restaurant/花桂茶酒坊

51 Siyanjing, Manjuelong Road 满觉陇路四眼井51号(江南驿旁边)
0571 8797 9899
9:30am - 9:30pm

Victoria Peninsula Buffet/半岛自助美食

1/F, Victoria Regal Hotel Zhejiang, 89 Yan’an Road 延安路89号浙江维多利亚丽嘉酒店1楼

New Road Japanese BBQ/牛道日式料理炭火烤肉

54 Ershengmiao Qian, North Zhongshan Road 中山北路二圣庙前54号
0571 8607 0902
11:30am - 1:30pm, 5:30pm - 10pm

Chuan Wei Guan, Tanhua’an Branch/川味观,昙花庵店

222 Tanhuan Rd. 昙花庵路222号
0571 8603 7988

Grandma’s Kitchen, Hangzhou Tower Branch/外婆家,杭州大厦店

538 Tiyuchang Road 体育场路538号‎
0571 8515 7979‎

Grandma’s Kitchen, Wantang Branch/外婆家,万塘店

1/F, Jiliang Mansion, 252 Wantang Rd. 万塘路252号计量大厦1楼
0571 8733 3971

Cai Cha Restaurant /彩茶餐厅

71 Waidaqiao, South Meiling Road, MeijiawuGoogle coordinates: 30.187091,120.088549 梅家坞梅灵南路外大桥71号
0571 8732 0600
10am - 8:30pm

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教工路23号 (百脑汇)

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