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Meijing Audio/美景音像

92-1 North Huangcheng Road 环城北路92-1号

Buy Now /百脑汇

4/F, Buy Now, 23 Jiaogong Road 教工路23号百脑汇4楼

Zhuyun Instrument Shop/主韵琴行

17 Tongpu Road 通普路17号
0571 8808 2259

Zhujiang Sanmao Instrument Shop /珠江三毛琴行

456 Wen’er Road 文二路456号
0571 8885 8259

Red Stone Instrument Shop /红石琴行

215 Chaowang Road 潮王路215号
0571 8537 8583

Xingzhou Instrument Shop /星洲琴行

17 Xingzhou Street, Gudun Road 古墩路星洲街17号
0571 8891 5509

Vienna Instrument Shop /维也纳琴行

70 West Wen’er Road 文二西路70号
0571 8826 9203

Tongyuan Instrument Shop /通远琴行

402 Wen’er Road 文二路402号
0571 8891 3977

Tianlai Instrument Shop /天籁琴行

33 Chaowang Road 潮王路33 号
0571 8513 0581

Meile Instrument Shop /美乐琴行

156 West Wen’er Road 文二西路156 号

Paris Baguette /巴黎贝甜

225 South Hushu Road 湖墅南路225号
0571 8581 2863
7am - 10pm

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23 Jiaogong Road (In the Buy Now building just next to Mr. Battercake)
教工路23号 (百脑汇)

With drinks give-aways, great music and some of the best pizza Hangzhou has to offer, you will be forgetting the outside world in no time as you descend into the underworld that is Basement. Read More..

Forty 8

48/F, Park Hyatt Hangzhou, 1366 Qianjiang Road

Read More..
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