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  • Forever YOUNG

    L.A. City Beat Magazine inducted him “The King of Hancock Park!” Norwood Young doesn’t just live up to but thrives within his royal Hollywood socialite status. A longtime veteran of the entertainment business, he started singing at 6. Norwood soon after signed his first album deal with major label, MCA/Magnolia records, where he recorded an album titled “I Can’t Let You Go!” This album garnered major critical acclaim and was quite successful in the UK. Songs like the remake of, “Time Be My Lover,” (a classic by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes) and “Shoulda Been US Together,” turned Norwood into a UK celebrity, and are considered R&B classics! This album toured Norwood all over Europe, Japan, and even Lima Peru where fans loved the music of “Norwood B.”… Norwood got his first big break on “Star Search.” He later became owner of a very lucrative nightspot Club Collage in Germany, saw the world as a singer on both concert stages (as one-time lead singer of the R&B/Jazz band Pieces of a Dream on its gold-selling single, “What Can I Do”) and Broadway musical theater stages as Jimmy “Thunder” Early in an off-Broadway revival of “Dreamgirls,” and was a regular on the reality TV series “High Maintenance 90210” (on the E! channel).
    - from Norwood Young, A Biography
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    It would be worth going to South Africa just to be in the wilderness, to see animals from big to small, meat eater to ant eater, primate to reptile. It was on one of the game drives that I began to realize just how much life is teeming under this big canopy of the national park – both seen and unseen by my untrained eyes.
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  • MORE Magazine’s Seasonal Lexicontamination

    adoration: (1) The state or condition of adoring, which is more or less like a state or condition or loving, but with antiseptic properties, the aroma of white linen, and the taste of weak, warm chamomile tea; (2) an unspecific expanse of time, e.g., “I’ve been waiting for quite adoration to get my 12-piece McNuggets.”

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