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  • Main image of coverstory: A Food Lover’s Tour of Xi’an
  • A Food Lover’s Tour of Xi’an

    "Come to Xi’an! I'll show you the food of my hometown." The invitation from my long-time friend Jing was ever present in my mind. This was around March earlier this year, and Hangzhou was just warming up with days of uninterrupted sunshine urging the flowering trees of West Lake to burst open. It was the best time to be here, did I really want to travel all the way to the interior of China and leave the comforts of Hangzhou? But Jing is a food lover, like me; she wouldn’t be in Xian for long, and I knew there would be nothing better than a food loving local showing you the best a city has to offer. With that thought, I promptly hopped on the Z89 train for the 16 hour overnight ride to Xian.
  • Main image of coverstory: SYNTHESIZE ME

    Electronic music has pretty well ploughed its furrow since the 50's and the first signals generators produced by big computers, through the invention of Moog synthesizers and rhythm boxes in the 70's, till the emergence of planetary renown electronic music artists such as Daft Punk, The Prodigy and Deadmau5.
  • Main image of coverstory: Born a Rasta Man: A Conversation with U Brown an Original Jamaican Deejay
  • Born a Rasta Man: A Conversation with U Brown an Original Jamaican Deejay

    Since the 1950s, Sound Systems (large mobile discos) have been an integral feature of Jamaica's culture. Outside Jamaica the word Deejay, or DJ, describes a person who plays music from records, or more commonly nowadays from CDs or a laptop. But in Jamaica the word Deejay is used to describe a person who raps over a rhythm. The style originated on Sound Systems where the Deejays used to chat between tracks. The style was influenced by disc jockeys on the R&B radio stations that reached Jamaica from America. The Jamaican DJs would imitate the style of the American DJ’s and start adding their own flavor. Eventually the person MC’ing was separated from the person playing the records, but the name “Deejay” stuck.
  • Main image of coverstory: Autumn in Hangzhou
  • Autumn in Hangzhou

    The two most beautiful seasons in the Zhou are spring and autumn. Period!! It used to be said, though, that Hangzhou only had two seasons a year because autumn and spring were so short – we didn’t even used to have to buy clothes for them. Ahhhh, but now, damn, ain’t this weather just spectacular?!? For the past couple of years, it has all changed. Summer and winter have gotten tamer, and we finally have proper autumns an springs. Is it global warming, is it the Buddha smiling down upon us, is it just sheer luck? Who knows? Who cares? All we do know here at MORE is we love, love, love it, and we are gonna head out and take advantage of it while we can (before we have to don those down coats once again).
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