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  • Main image of coverstory: How to Avoid Having a Shitty Valentine's Day
  • How to Avoid Having a Shitty Valentine's Day

    Christmas has passed, and the new year has been brought in, meaning that Valentine's Day is fast approaching, which for most people means precisely diddly squat! But for those of you who do give two hoots about Valentine's Day, the just-now-self-proclaimed messenger of Venus, the God of Love, hero to the hopelessly clueless romantics, and saviour of February 14th – meaning me – will give you a quick crash course of what NOT to do this Valentine's Day. Here are five failsafe rules to guide you away from eventually consummating a relationship with somebody who looks like one of the Twits.
  • Main image of coverstory: MORE’s 2015 Zodiac Predictions
  • MORE’s 2015 Zodiac Predictions

    It’s that time again folks. Time to bid adieu to the Horse and give a hearty hello to the Sheep, which also means it is time to bring you yet another edition of our MORE’s Zodiac Predictions for the coming year. We climbed the highest mountains and journeyed to the remotest parts of Hangzhou to consult with only the best Chinese astrologers in order to present you, our dear readers, with these prognostications because we know just how important having your horoscope is to you.
  • Main image of coverstory: Top 12 Chinese Network Buzzwords in 2014
  • Top 12 Chinese Network Buzzwords in 2014

    In the internet era, in this carnival of language, no one needs to worry about not having anything to say. Social media sites are literally abuzz with a dizzying array of jargon. In the presence of this raging torrent of information, everyone can use social media to disseminate information and to express their points of views. Even if you don’t have any imaginative opinions or abstract ideas, it does not matter.
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