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  • Main image of coverstory: Five Tips on Preparing for a Long Run
  • Five Tips on Preparing for a Long Run

    Long distance running is always a very challenging thing to take up. It takes strength, speed, endurance and aerobic health to finish the distance, and these all need good preparation to build up.
  • Main image of coverstory: The Pure Experience Beyond the Clouds
  • The Pure Experience Beyond the Clouds

    It’s always nice to get out of the city every once in a while, especially since I just had a baby boy three months ago. With all the sleepless nights – surrounded by a crying baby, the poops and the diapers – I needed a little relaxing time by myself. My sort of relaxing, for a mother who is still dealing with postpartum issues, is going to a five star hotel, pampering myself with a spa, indulging in a nice dinner and finishing with a few drinks with some friends, settling into a comfy bed for a night without having to wake up to nurse a crying baby, and topping all this off with a champagne brunch the next morning. And I made it happen!!
  • Main image of coverstory: A Woman Who Dances in Monologue
  • A Woman Who Dances in Monologue

    It has always been my dream to be an actress, especially a stage actress. I just love the passion that they share with the audience, the craziness, the laughter, the tears. Everything is right there, right in front of you, at that moment, no editing, no cameras cutting away, no multiple takes – you have only one shot! After watching a few plays by Meng Jinghui, I had an opportunity to speak to his favorite actress Huang Xiangli. From June 11th to 14th, Huang Xiangli will be at Hangzhou Red Star Theatre with her Letter from an Unknown Woman by Stefan Zweig . Drama lovers shouldn’t miss this show.
  • Main image of coverstory: The Running Man
  • The Running Man

    Mark Foxwell, 42, is the General Manager of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Hangzhou, and he runs. Running is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life for Mark, and it’s changed his whole outlook on life since he began doing it seriously. He’s lived in Hangzhou for two years after travelling around Asia, including a seven year stint in Japan. He has run marathons in several countries, and with the marathon season in China beginning soon, MORE Hangzhou caught up with him to discuss his training, the ‘don’t hurry’ philosophy and the memories of the places running has taken him. It all started with a few drinks in Tokyo…
  • Main image of coverstory: Marathoning: A Rough but Rewarding Road
  • Marathoning: A Rough but Rewarding Road

    The word marathon comes from the legend of Pheidippides, a Greek messenger. The legend states that he was sent from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens to announce that the Persians had been defeated in the Battle of Marathon (in which he had just fought), which took place in August or September, 490 BC. It is said that he ran the entire distance without stopping and burst into the assembly exclaiming, “νενικήκαμεν” (nenikekamen, "We have wοn!"), before collapsing and dying. Thank you Wikipedia.
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