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  • Main image of coverstory: Clearing the Air: The Skinny on Air Pollution in Hangzhou
  • Clearing the Air: The Skinny on Air Pollution in Hangzhou

    Throughout the winter we here at MORE Hangzhou have been monitoring the polluted state of affairs throughout the country. We’ve watched as Beijing shut down its schools and issued red alerts for air quality for the first time ever. We witnessed the elusive “beyond index” readings on our AQI apps. In short, we’ve lived through the second “Airpocolpyse”. Whether you are just passing through or are a longtime dweller, you know that Hangzhou is known for its greenery, the trees and the beloved Xihu. Unfortunately, Hangzhou’s beauty misleads people to think that Hangzhou does not have a pollution problem comparable to that of Shanghai or Beijing. However, in Hangzhou, which lies in the heart of one of China’s major manufacturing provinces, pollution is a reality here.
  • Main image of coverstory: How to Turn Your Ideas into a Reality
  • How to Turn Your Ideas into a Reality

    Don Munro, CEO of Efergy Technologies, has been in the energy saving business for almost ten years. His company produces a range of energy monitors to show how much electricity you use in the house. According to Don, “It helps people to understand where they are using electricity because normally you only get the energy bill at the end of the month and then you go “Crikey! did I use that?”
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