Warnings in December 2007

It was Sunday. I don’t really have a day off, but I still get a little upset when it rains on the weekend, and it’s sunny on a Monday. After a long day of work on Saturday, Sunday morning came much faster than I wanted it to. I went to the office, and things were smooth, so I found a bit of time to get a foot massage. After all, it was cold and raining. What else could I do? Normally I go to a clean place and get the cheapest thing on the menu. Is there really any need to get the Dead Sea mud treatment? I got that once, and my feet stank even worse the next day. Does someone really dredge the Dead Sea for mud and package it for foot massage places around the world? But, my shoes were soaked to the soles, and I was exhausted, so I thought I would spend a little extra cash for a change. No exotic earth this time; instead, I went for an expert masseuse. The boiling water was soothing. I got a towel to cover myself, and I was warm. Then the iron-fingered warrior started in on my feet, and I was in terrible pain. I figured it had to be helpful, so I said nothing to relieve the torture. A couple of minutes of agonizing went by, and when I opened my eyes again, my feet were wrapped in towels, and an hour and a half had passed. Somehow I had fallen into a dead sleep. I felt like my chest had sunk a meter into the cushioned chair. Opening my eyes took muscle power. If you’ve got the resources and the time to get a foot massage every now and then, I warn you to appreciate them. They work like a charm. I went back to work that day, and things ran like Liu Xiang towards the hurdles. 2008 is just around the corner now isn’t it? The Olympics are coming.

Christmas is coming, and I’m already counting down to New Year’s Eve. Will 2008 be the year of riches? Over the past few, things have accelerated a bunch. Next year should roll, and I hope I’ve prepared. I used to complain about all the unavailable things I missed. Then, within what seemed like a matter of days, loads of places stepped up their quality, and we also got tons of variety. I enjoyed, but I wondered if it were all true – if all of these upscale entries could make it. Many didn’t, but many did. Newspapers predicted the end of this part of the world. They wait, and it still hasn’t happened. When I finally realized that the tiger wasn’t paper, I began to think about what I could do. Why walk and speculate when I could run and use the resources I’d collected? I’ve fallen down more than a few times since my first step, but I’m on my feet now. Happy Holidays.

By Tim Hoerle