Warnings in January 2008

So I took the night off. I figured that since Christmas was coming, I would prepare with a good night of rest. It was raining and cold. My shoes were filthy. The road was under construction. It was busy with cars, bikes, walkers, traffic cops, street peddlers and cabs. Just another Sunday night. So, I called up the DVD expert and asked for a bit of advice. I hadn’t seen a movie in months. I didn’t want to take a gamble on something stupid. The last time I watched one, I just grabbed something that looked interesting with a few familiar faces on the cover. It was terrible – one of those three-hour-plus, drag on films that never seem to end. Unfortunately, my DVD watching friend hadn’t seen anything too impressive in a while, but he did say that he enjoyed Heroes. I walked slowly. All I wanted was a good flick. I bought a few but eventually gave in and got the TV show too. I warn myself not to get a television series when all I want is a night of rest.

When I got home, it was warm. I took off my shoes, said goodbye to the Ayi, threw a pillow on the couch, and thought about what I would watch. My daughter was sleeping, and the house was quiet. For a moment I thought I might just sleep. But, it was only 7pm. I know how that goes. Get to sleep early, wake up at midnight, and try unsuccessfully to get back to sleep for the rest of the night. I slipped on the furry slippers and took a look in the plastic bag. Heroes was on top. My friend had said it was good, but there were eight DVDs in the box. That’s a whole lotta hours. I threw the first one in. No sound. Had anyone touched the player since the last time I’d watched something? No, my wife informed me that she had told me a couple of months ago, but that I had forgotten. She watches DVDs as infrequently as I do. The sound didn’t work.

Back to work. After a bunch of dust and some tricky yoga positions to get behind the entertainment system, I finally figured out how to get the thing on. I did it the easy way, routing the audio cables directly into the TV rather than into the system. I didn’t have the energy to pull the whole thing apart. It was my night of rest. Not that long after, though, my daughter woke up because the TV was too loud. She wasn’t going to sleep through the night anyway. It was her ten-month birthday, and she’s almost able to stand without holding onto the side of the crib. She imitates the way I make funny noises. She went to bed a little later than she normally does. I finished the third DVD at three in the morning and went to bed a little later than normal too.

By Tim Hoerle