Warnings in August 2011

It was a good day. I had a wonderful conversation at the bar with a friend of mine who’s a very interesting guy. Like me, this guy is a bit overweight, and he likes his drink. He’s the one who can always come up with a joke, and he’ll laugh his way home even after having fifteen drinks. You see, I’ve had this idea for quite some time, and I finally decided to share it with someone, and I thought that this guy would be perfect to try it out on. After all, he is first and foremost, a foodie; a person who loves their food, and always is talking about how they can make this and whip up that. We all know somebody like him. Anyway, my idea is to open up the Ultimate La Mian Restaurant. And I don’t mean some sort of UFC, pull your face off, octagon. I mean the sort of supreme shop where people can get a variety of different types of what are traditionally called Lanzhou pulled noodles. The place would have seating for around eighty people, and no more than a hundred. It would have an open kitchen with three guys pulling the fresh noodles for everybody to see. And it would have no less than ten crock pots steaming with all sorts of different sauces to douse over the made-to-order noodles.

People would enter the restaurant, and be greeted by a hostess who then takes them to their seat where they are presented with a fantastic drink list including all sorts of cocktails, draught and bottled beers. Why more restaurants around here don’t have full bars is a mystery to me. Then upon ordering the drinks, they are then presented with the food menu, which consists of five different types of hand pulled noodles – in three different sizes: small, medium, and large – and no less than ten different types of sauces. After they suck down their delicious drink, and their unique, if not wonderful, plate of noodles, they are then given a nice dessert menu which consists of a bunch of different kinds of softies and smoothies, all of course, served from the bar with over-the-top looking garnishes. Unlike all of these “modern” I see around town, this new place would have wooden furniture, with two different types of table cloths; one for the evening, and one for the daytime. There would be a smoking section, and a non-smoking section with plenty of ventilation above the former. My foodie friend had an idea of which types of pasta should be used, and which types of sauces. He even suggested changing the lighting from the day to the night which makes sense. So go ahead my friends. If you build it, I will come.