Warnings in February 2012

There was a long day ahead of me, but I could hardly call it work. I mean make pizzas behind an oven like an inferno for eight straight hours and you’ll know what work is. However it did feel like it was going to be an exhausting day, but I could hardly call it that either. Copy and paste information from an old website into a new one for eight straight hours, and then you’re exhausted. Anyway I had many hours ahead of me. Alright, it wasn’t like I was going on two back to back ten hour flights only to have to drive another five hours to get to my destination or anything like that.  So who was I fooling? It was the start of my vacation, and no matter how “difficult” I kept saying it was, it wasn’t that bad. I mean I had to sit in a taxi on familiar roads for less than an hour to get to the airport. Then I had to get a cup of coffee after waiting on a line for less than ten minutes. How “taxing” is that? Then we had to sit on the runway for a whole extra hour while we waited in the traffic. Sleep time as far as I was concerned.

Here did come the “tricky” part of the day. I get real nervous when going to an airport that I’m not totally familiar with. I’m always on the alert for thieves, and pickpockets for some odd reason, and on top of that I ‘m always on the lookout for somebody that I know. I can always pick out somebody who looks like somebody I know now, and I can even more easily find somebody who could be like somebody who I haven’t seen for years. It’s like hey dude, I haven’t seen that dude since the seventh grade, but he could really be that guy over there. Maybe it’s some strange side effect of my ears popping like mad—this increased sense of awareness.  Or rather it could be because of all of the strange faces, and body types that seem to be drawn to airports.  I literally feel as if I’m in that Star Wars bar scene. Rather on the other hand it could be because my body needs to be nervous about something no matter what I’m doing, and it simply finds an excuse to do this. There must be a medical word to describe this cause and effect. Or maybe it’s because I need to complain about something all the time even when there’s really nothing to complain about. I mean the traffic to the airport was bad, but not that bad, and the delay on the tarmac, was long, but not long enough to make me miss my flight. Maybe it could be that I’m sitting next to a calm pool with the temperature at around 30 degrees right now that I’m able to look at my situation a bit more objectively. We’ll see next month when I get back.

By Tim Hoerle