Warnings in March 2012

I’ve got this friend, well more like an acquaintance. I don’t see him that often or hear from him that often, but I’ve known the guy for years and it feels like we’ve got this history, so I’m going to call him my friend. He went back to the US over the holidays as some people do and he nearly died. I mean this guy isn’t in the best of health. He’s had a bunch of heart surgeries over the past few years, he continues to drink and smoke, and he works pretty damn hard, so I guess it isn’t totally unexpected, but death isn’t something that’s expected now is it really? Especially considering that the guy is only in his fifties. But anyway the guy almost died. He went into a coma for a few days on his last visit to the US, and apparently, they didn’t think that he was going to come out of it. It made me think. What if this dude really did die? His family in the US has no contact with anybody here in China, so how would anybody here know that the dude kicked the bucket? He’s one of the most secretive people I know; everything’s got this password on that and that finger print lock on this, and he’s got no real partners in business over here, and he keeps all of his money in off shore accounts, so how would anybody in the US realize how to get a hold of the people that this dude does business with let alone get a hold of any of the money that this dude has stashed away for a rainy day let alone let his friends know what has happened to the guy? What would happen to this dude’s apartment, his incomplete contracts, his car, or his fish tank? Does anybody on facebook do an alive check? Would all of his “friends” get an “out of order” sign when they tried to contact this dude? I think not. I actually know not.

And now that this dude is back, what would happen if he were in the bar one day, and he punched the pail? Who would we call? Hell how would we even pay for this dude’s hospital bill? Of course, we would find a way, but in the end somebody would have to be called, and who would that be? The guy’s got a password on his telephone. Sometimes I think that this day in age of privacy might not be all it’s cracked up to be. Should we all be carrying around a “in case of an emergency call…” card on us at all times? Are we really bound to live by the rules our mom made us follow when we were five years old? I would like to think not, but in reality, it’s not a bad idea. Maybe I’m thinking about this too much. Life’s too short to dwell on the details, or is it now?

By Tim Hoerle