Warnings in October 2012

So I’m going to Mexico next month to attend a friend’s wedding, and am I excited or what? I’ve been travelling to Asia for the past eighteen years, but have never been to Mexico. What can I expect to see, eat, drink, hear, and experience? Will I get to see a bullfight, go to Mexican wrestling match, turn blind from all of the tequila, get Montezuma’s revenge from the street food, catch a hundred pound marlin, free some baby sea turtles, take a zip line through the jungle, or ride a donkey? Okay forget the donkey. It makes me think of all of the things I wanted to do before I got here. Would I learn to speak Chinese, use chopsticks, read a newspaper, eat all sorts of exotic food, or practice Kungfu with a master? I can put a check in front of a few of those, but definitely not all of them, and I’ve been here for a lot longer than my planned week long vacation to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. Sometimes I forget that I’m just a tourist around here, and I forget to do the touristy things that used to excite me so much. I’ll probably do more in one week in Mexico than I’ve done in the past year of being here. But who knows, maybe this trip will stir something inside of me that will reawaken my sense of adventure.

After all isn’t that what my old boss used to tell me. Over a cigarette on day, he used to call them the small ones, he told me about his idea of seeking adventure. You see the man was a millionaire who found his life boring one day. He had all this money in the bank and had nobody or no place to spend it on. That’s right, he had a cool million in cash in the bank, and he had nothing to do with it. Then he told me that he took a vacation on a cruise ship with a bunch of other millionaires, and probably over a small one on the deck he learned that his goal in life had to have a change. After all he was very young, and he had always wanted to be a millionaire, and he reached it. Then it dawned on him. Adventure! That’s what life is about. Never forget that. Life is about adventure. Try to imagine this dude who comes from a little farm village in Missouri and the look on his face as he revealed his secret to life. Sometimes I do have to admit that I forget his wisdom. After all there are so many unknown things out there, so many more books to read, and there are so many things to still get excited about. I’ve got to find a new café to go to every morning, and one that serves good aged tequila for that matter. Or maybe a place that has killer bee baijiu on the menu. I’ve always wanted to try that stuff.

By Tim Hoerle