China Red

by Logan Miller

With the Dragon Boat Festival upon us and my desire to see as many women in those lovely qipao dresses as humanly possible, I had a thirst for something delicious that would bring all these images to mind. Looking at my bar I locked eyes on a lychee liqueur which sent me into testing mode. Opening different bottles of booze, giving them all a quick sniff I decided tequila would work nicely. Now all I needed is the red, but something not sweet since the lychee provides enough of that. Cranberry juice is what was needed to provide the complexity that is China to go along with the sweet lychee like the dress and the strong tequila that represents the roaring dragon boats being pushed through the water.

Lychee Liqueur
Cranberry Juice

1. Take a rocks glass or martini glass and fill it with ice to chill it down. The glass is based on your preference or whatever is handy.
2. In your cocktail shaker add 45ml Lychee Liquor, 45ml Tequila, and 90ml Cranberry along with ice.
3. Shake till the shaker has frosted over.
4. Remove the ice from your chilled glass and pour the cocktail in your glass.
5. Peel a lemon wedge and rub it along the top of the glass, then drop it in the cocktail. This provides a nice touch to the cocktail and makes you look like you know what you are doing.

Stay thirsty!

China red

Warnings in June 2014

So this month is going to be a big one. Venues around town are going to be putting up their outdoor screens in the hope of attracting customers and sports fans to watch the World Cup, consume their goods, and I, for one, am glad this year’s gaokao will be finished and done with before it all begins. If there’s anything worse than crazy football fans yelling without any regard for their neighbors’ sleeping kids, I’d like to ask you what that is. Of course a delusional man wielding a knife in a primary school is worse, but you can catch my drift.

This month the mercury will continue to rise, so you can be sure it’s going to be a hot one. That’s not to say May wasn’t already hot. I was out the other day walking up some hills after a nice and refreshing light rain, and I was sweating like a dancer at Carnival. We were hiking pretty fast, but isn’t that how you’re supposed to do it? I was dying, and by the time we were finally at the pinnacle I was completely soaked. I feared that my phone was going to give out. It didn’t, and thank Buddha, I didn’t fall off the mountain because at times, I thought my legs were going to go all rubber band-y on me.

This month is looking to be as tiresome as that hike. From students trying to cram as much into their little heads as they can before their exams, to football fans staying up very late, or getting up extremely early to watch games live, the real strain is on the employees in the service industry who quite possibly don’t give a rat’s ass, but have to push on to make an extra buck for their big bosses. There will be many a sleepless night for just about everybody.

So this month’s bound to be a happy one because China didn’t make the Cup, there will surely be people routing for both teams at one of those many venues playing the game unlike in some really nationalistic nation where you might insight a riot if you cheer another country scoring a goal. You see, we don’t live in Shanghai or Beijing where large groups of people from one country will dominate a late night operator making the situation often stressful for the odd one or two who want the opponent to win. Both sides will have a usually equal portion of the crowd on their side, creating a bunch of basically fun places to participate in the action.

So in this big, hot, tiresome, and happy month, I thank you all who have stuck around making the international cities we live in all the more exciting, and enjoyable to live in. Wear your jerseys, paint your faces, and wave your flags because if there’s a better time to enjoy where you’re from, then there’s no better time than this month. And isn’t that what life’s about?

By Tim Hoerle


by Logan Miller

The other night I was trying to decide which cocktail to write about for this issue, while sipping on a Corona it all clicked. May = Cinco de Mayo. Cindo de Mayo = Drinking. Drinking = Corona & Tequila! (Yeah, I’m from Florida, so what?!)

Now I had to figure out a way to put these two together other than just shooting the tequila and slamming back the beer. Lo and behold we have the Michelada, a concoction from the 40’s that is said to help cure hangovers. Trust me this is going to have a little kick to it.

Lime Juice
Hot Sauce

1. Grab a pint glass, wet the rim with a lime wedge and dip into a plate of salt.
2. Add a pinch of salt, 1 teaspoon of Worcestershire and as much hot sauce as you like (Sriracha is always my go to)
3. Squeeze an entire lime, helps if you cut it in quarters first and drop the limes in the glass.
4. Fill the glass with ice and then pour the Corona inside.
5. Top off the glass with 30ml Tequila and stir the ingredients together.

A Few Tips:
1. Try making this with different hot sauces and see which one suits your taste, maybe even Chinese Mala (The tongue numbing spice).
2. Squeezing a lime by hand can be tricky, so first press it against the counter and roll it a few times. This helps release the juices inside.
3. This drink will really showcase the quality of tequila used, so don’t skimp. It doesn’t have to be Gran Patron, but it shouldn’t be Tila Tequila either.

Stay Thirsty!