Warnings in May 2015

Back in December I wrote a bit about WeChat, and the benefits of using it. This month I’m going to give you all a few tips I’ve learned since then. Before I do that, excuse me if I’ve got to recap. At the end of last year, I told you all how I translate other people’s Chinese moments into English. Moments, as we’ve all found out are not translatable. I simply copy and paste them into a chat to myself. Hit send and then translate it from there. Big problem solved. Now I’m going to explain how to write in near perfect Chinese. You change your WeChat settings by hitting the “Me” button, then hitting the “Settings” button. Next press the “General” button, and finally change your language to the first one that’s written in Chinese after you hit the “Language” button. The first one is simplified Chinese. Then whenever you want to write something in Chinese, just write it in a message to yourself, hit the “翻译” button, and wham, it’ll change it into Chinese. Copy and paste that into a chat to whoever you’re writing to or whatever moment you’re creating, and you’ll look like a genius. Keep in mind however, that the translate function only works so well, so keep what you’re writing very simple. Also remember how you changed your settings into Chinese because you’ll have to do the reverse to get it back into whatever language you’re going back to.

Next is one of the more difficult things I’ve had to solve. I used to have a problem when I was trying to reply to somebody who only likes one of my moments. Because you can’t get that automatic @blahblah to appear when somebody only likes a moment, but sometimes you’ve got something you want to direct at somebody. Now that’s easy when their name is in English because you can just type it out, but a bit trickier when it’s in Chinese, and you can’t read it. I have found a way however. You hit the person’s name, and their previous moments show up, then you hit the little square pic of them, hit the three dots on the top right, finally hit “Set Remarks and Tags” and their name will show up under the “Alias” header. From there, you can finally copy and paste their name.

And finally for my last trick. I sometimes have pics that don’t look right when they are side by side, but look much better when they are placed one on top of another. To place two pics one on top of the other, you take a screenshot with your phone, and crop it just so that the white part shows. Then you’ve got a totally white photo. Then in your moments, you first add the photo you want to be on top followed by the white photo, with the third one being the one you want to have on the bottom, and another fourth one of the white photo. Magic! Done!

by Tim Hoerle