Enjoy Making Miso Ramen at Home!

A bowl of warm noodle soup is always my kind of comfort food. My grandma often cooked noodle soup for our family dinner in the winter when I was a kid. And somehow I kept the habit. When the temperature drops, my mind whispers me to go for noodle soup. Isn’t it amazing how our current food choices are associated with what we ate in the childhood? Today I’m not sharing a recipe from my beloved grandma though.

Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning paste produced by fermenting soybeans with salt and koji(a fermentation culture), sometimes with rice, barley or other ingredients. It’s used for sauces, spreads, soups and all sorts of cooking in Japanese cuisine. We’ll place it as a main character in this noodle soup.
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This recipe is super simple and flexible by completing 3 parts:

1. Soup base. I like to cook a large pot of vegetable broth at a time, and keep the extra portion in the fridge for later usage. This broth is light, with a nice hint of umami from the seaweed. It’s a lovely mild backdrop for the intense saltiness of the miso.

2. Noodles. Use fresh or dried noodles as you wish.

3. Toppings. Top the bowl with whatever is convenient and seasonal. If you’re looking for some richer accompaniments, go for fried tofu, zucchini or soft-boiled egg. Cook the whole egg in boiling water for 6-7 minutes, move it into cold water until cools down, remove the egg shell, cut into half, and you got a perfect soft-boiled egg.

Multiply the ingredients amounts to serve more hungry fellows.
(serve 1)
500ml vegetable broth, made with celery stems, mushrooms, seaweed
100g ramen noodles
1 tsp miso paste
1 soft-boiled egg
fresh vegetables as you like
roasted seaweed and sesame
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1. Prepare vegetable broth. Gather some celery stem and leaves, one or two mushrooms, a few pieces of seaweed, cook them in a large pot with water for 15 minutes. Drain and keep the clear broth.

2. Put a small pot over high heat, pour in 500ml broth and miso paste, bring to a boil. Taste to adjust the salt. Set aside and keep warm.

3. Cook the noodles to reach your desired firmness. Drain well and serve in a deep soup noodle bowl.

4. Pour in the miso soup, add fresh veggies, roasted seaweed, soft-boiled egg, sprinkle some roasted sesame for garnishing. Enjoy!

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