Whiskey Sour

by Logan Miller

Well, the cold weather is finally upon us and that means we gotta find ways to stay warm in whatever ways possible, of course my way is booze – go figure, right? I’d say keep things simple and drink tequila, but for some reason not everyone agrees with me. So a whiskey cocktail it is! Now, now, don’t worry if you’re one of those who can’t handle that harsh dark stuff like I know some of you are, Whiskey Sour is something that is very smooth and so delicious you’ll keep wanting more.

Four Roses Bourbon Whiskey
Fresh Lemon Juice
Simple Syrup

1. Take a rocks glass and fill it with ice to chill while you are mixing the ingredients.
2. In your cocktail shaker, add 60ml bourbon, 30ml fresh lemon juice, and 15ml simple syrup.
3. Take the ice from the rocks glass and add it to the cocktail shaker, then shake till the shaker frosts over and strain into the glass.
4. Peel a piece of lemon and rub it around the lip of the glass then use, along with a, maraschino cherry, as garnish.
5. Use your smart phone, take a couple pictures and post on your WeChat.
6. Sit back and enjoy!

A few tips:
1. You can use any kind of Bourbon, but I really do insist using Four Roses because of the smooth taste.
2. I mean it when I say, “fresh lemon juice,” it makes a world of difference.
3. Simple Syrup is a basic ingredient in most cocktails so having some in the house is a must for anyone wanting to make cocktails. Just boil down equal parts sugar and water then put in the refrigerator to cool.

Stay thirsty my friends!

whiskey sour 2

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