By Logan Miller

If you happen to have the Sex and the City theme song stuck in your head while reading this, I apologize. Just go find a pair of Manolo Blahniks and try and focus on what we are doing here. If you don’t get the reference, relax, it just means you’re a heterosexual male or a homosexual female. Either way, you’re alright with me, just like this month’s cocktail. The venerable Cosmopolitan, or Cosmo, is as good a drink as the Sex and the City franchise is bad, which is to say, very. I was inspired to bring you a special iteration of this cocktail after visiting my mother for her birthday and watching her enjoy a few Cosmos, but this is not just an ordinary Cosmo we are making; this is Logan’s Ma’s Cosmo! Get ready to blush red after a few of these bad boys.

Cranberry Juice
Lime Juice

1. Take a Martini glass and chill it by adding ice and water to it while you mix your ingredients together.
2. In your cocktail shaker add 60ml Citron Vodka (this makes it special), 30ml Cointreau (only the best for Ma), 15ml Cranberry Juice and a squeeze of 1/4 lime.
3. Add ice and shake it like you are working for some money. The glass, not your ass.
4. Remove the ice and water from the Martini glass and strain the ingredients into the glass.
5. Peel a slice of lime and rub it along the rim and drop the peel in the middle of the glass.

A few tips:
1. If you can’t find Citron Vodka you can use 50ml regular vodka and 10ml fresh lemon juice.
2. If the drink seems a tad strong just add additional cranberry juice.

Stay thirsty my friends!


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